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11 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

23rd January 2019

11 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a real Marmite day. Some people love it, some people hate it. Whatever you or your partner’s feelings on this designated day of love, you can be sure you’ll need to celebrate it in some way. Now restaurants and cocktail bars have cottoned on to this worldwide drive to woo your partner and as such offer ‘not so special’ prices on dinners and drinks for two. Instead of going through the rigmarole of sitting in a packed restaurant and forcing yourself to try everything on the set menu, why not think outside the box and actually surprise your paramour with a truly unique Valentine’s Day date idea.

1. Show Off Your Putting Skills at Adventure Golf

Jurassic Falls Waterfall

Fancy yourself the next Tiger Woods of mini golf? Maybe your partner is nuts for dinosaurs or pirates. Whatever the reason adventure golf at one of Adventure Experience’s courses is a novel and adorable way to spend Valentine’s Day. Light-hearted, fun with a competitive edge, why not treat your valentine to a round of 18.

Mini golf has been the staple date of sitcoms for decades and for good reason. Quick and easy to learn, you’ll both love the friendly rivalry as you try to figure out the loops, bends and bumps of a thrilling course. Who knows, this quirky idea could become the tradition you both cherish for years to come. Pack away the champagne flutes and break out the putters for a truly memorable day.

2. Make Valentine’s a Class Act

Valentine's Day Cooking

Relationships are all about loving, learning and growing together. Why not take this literally and take a class together. Become master of homemade pasta, pick up a few cha-cha steps or channel your inner Swayze and learn a bit about pottery. Learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby gives you and your Valentine something to reminisce over and who knows, maybe you’ve just found a hobby you can enjoy together.

3. Virtual Reality to Test Your Valentine

Zero Latency VR

Virtual reality is no longer the preserve of sci-fi films. If your partner is a fan of gaming, sci-fi or just adventure in general then get yourself to the nearest virtual reality experience. Featuring breathtaking scenery, immersive worlds and thrilling adventures, VR is one of the newest and most exciting ways to surprise your date. Besides, VR is the best way to see how the love of your life would react to a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, and who doesn’t want to know that.

4. Reach Dizzying Heights with High Ropes

Altitude Adventure High Ropes

If you and your paramour are thrill-seekers then try a high ropes outdoor adventure. Altitude Adventure offers an exhilarating course featuring their famous 32ft high double level Sky Trail. These heart-racing aerial challenges and climbs will have you both grinning from ear to ear as you scramble, climb and swing your way through this out-of-the-box date idea.

5. See the Twinkle in Their Eyes with a Stargazing Trip

Camping under the stars

Stargazing is an activity that has gripped us for thousands of years. Sailors would navigate by the constellations, the Egyptians believed they were gateways to the afterlife, and NASA scientists study them for signs of extra-terrestrial life. Space is so awe-inspiring it is little wonder it is so enthralling.

Make your Valentine’s day truly special by setting up a picnic under the night sky. Find a quiet spot, far from the light pollution of the city and take in the beauty of the Milky Way. If you feel like really escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, turn it into an overnight adventure. Grab the camping gear, some snacks and hot chocolate and enjoy your partner’s company surrounded by the stars.

6. Retail Therapy for Your Boo

Still from Pretty Woman

If your partner is a big fan of fashion, books, food or anything else, a little bit of retail therapy may be the best way to show your appreciation. Why not break out the credit card, get dressed up and enjoy a day out shopping, Pretty Woman style. Surprise your partner with a trip to Bluewater and a make a day of it. Your valentine will love the special attention and appreciate the sentiment.

7. A Picture Perfect Date with Hot Air Balloon Rides

Valentine's Day Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon rides may seem cliche for Valentine’s Day but for good reason. It’s romantic, exciting and gives you the perfect Instagram snap to share. Experiencing a hot air balloon ride is unlike anything else as you float effortlessly on the zephyrs. Take in the views, have a glass of champagne and enjoy Valentine’s Day with a view to die for.

8. Put Your Relationship to the Test with an Escape Room

Escape Room

If you and are your partner are keen puzzle solvers try the countless escape rooms around the country. There is no better way to show off just how well you work together than a high-pressure game of clues, puzzles and time limits. This unique Valentine’s Day date is sure to surprise your partner and show just thoughtful and original you can be.

9. Trampoline Your Way into Their Heart

Trampoline Park

Did you meet your partner at the gym? Maybe you both have a love of exercise and fitness. Whatever the case, trampolining is a way to exercise and have a laugh at the same time. This pastime is much more exerting than you may think; and while you’ll be laughing through your time bouncing about like lemurs, you’ll both be glad of the workout. There’s no need to break from your healthy routine and stuff your face with an expensive meal. Do an activity you’ll both enjoy while getting a healthy shot of endorphins.

10. Let’s Get Cultural

Visit a gallery for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do something you haven’t done before. Take in an art gallery or finally get around to seeing whatever historical site your city is famous for. Broadening your mind is more fun than you think and a visit to a museum or gallery can inspire, educate and give you and your partner inspiration to follow your dreams.

11. Show Love for Your Community This Valentine’s Day

Volunteer for Valentine's Day

Last but not least is volunteering. On a day famous for love, there are thousands of people and animals without much to go around. You and your partner can do something rewarding together and show a bit of love for your community. This can be anything, volunteering at a soup kitchen, visiting care homes to have a chat with the residents, or helping the RSPCA care for the animals saved from the streets. Volunteering is an amazing way to strengthen your bond and show that love on Valentine’s Day is not just for couples but for everyone.

These are just a few of the ways to push the boat out and celebrate Valentine’s Day in an original and fun way. Show your Valentine how much you care with a unique experience that you’ll both cherish for years to come.