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4 Places to Eat Near Jurassic Falls… For our Hungry Explorers!

20th June 2018

4 Places to Eat Near Jurassic Falls… For our Hungry Explorers!

There’s nothing better than finishing up a day at Jurassic Falls with a bite to eat! Picture this… You make your way down to Jurassic Falls with a group of friends, after a long 18 holes you total up your scores and realise that unfortunately for you, you’ve come in last place! What a tragedy. But there’s one thing that’s going to turn that frown upside down… something scrumptious to eat. Let me give you another scenario, you bring someone down to Jurassic Falls for a cheeky date. After a great round of golf full of flowing conversation and plenty of laughs you’ve realised that you’re having a great time and you’re not ready to go home just yet, what do you do? Suggest going for dinner to buy you some more time to impress. Long story short I’m trying to say that a round of golf and a tasty meal go together hand in hand so here is a list of 4 places to eat near Jurassic Falls…

  1. Jurassic Falls Crepes and Waffles food hut

If you have been down to Jurassic Falls before I’m sure that you have experienced a sweet aroma invading your nostrils as you got closer and closer to our site. You can thank our on-site Crepes and Waffles food hut for blessing our noses with such glorious smells and exciting our taste buds with freshly made sweet treats for all! It’s extremely difficult to make it through a trip at Jurassic Falls without being tempted by Margaret’s 5* cooking skills (my personal favourite is an Oreo waffle with caramel sauce and  heaps of whipped cream YUM!) and to top it all off she also sells hot dogs and plenty of ice cream!

  • Gokyuzu

Luckily, here at Jurassic Falls we are right next door to one of the finest Turkish restaurants around. Always a safe option, Gokyuzu offers something for everyone. Whether you want to top off a golf date with dinner and wine, finish your family day out with a meat filled sharing platter or grab some take out which is quick (and on the healthier side) on your way home, Gokyuzu is the place to go. No more than a 30 second walk from Jurassic Falls it is conveniently located for your hunger needs.

  1. Subway

No time to stop off for a meal? No problem! Subway is just a 1 minute drive or a 7 minute walk from our site. A good old sandwich is always a faithful classic. With something for everyone, there will be no arguments or upset with this handy choice. Fancy a light lunch? A classic 6 inch sub will be perfect to satisfy your hunger needs. Or if you’re anything like me a foot long sub is the way to go to really hit the spot and defeat the hunger!

  1. Pizza Hut

Now I don’t think I’ve ever come across a person in the world that doesn’t like pizza. Gooey cheesy goodness fresh out of the oven, YES PLEASE. There is a Pizza Hut located just a 10-minute drive away from our site. This is a good option for our explorers who prefer to grab something to eat on the way home and wind down in front of the telly with something scrumptious. This Pizza Hut is not a restaurant however it comes in handy for our stressed-out parents hosting a party at Jurassic Falls who want to order something quick and easy for a group of over-energetic young explorers. There’s nothing to keep them quiet for 5 minutes like a good old pizza!

Just be sure that here at Jurassic you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food!