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4 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas

11th October 2019

4 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas

The witching hour is almost upon us! As October moves ever closer to the 31st, people frantically search for costumes, decorations and treats for the years spookiest holiday. But, what if you’re tired of trick or treating? Or you’ve had enough of the local haunted house tour? Luckily there are loads of ways to enjoy Halloween. Here are a few ideas our witches and wizards have conjured up.

1. Play Adventure Golf

Halloween Party Idea - Adventure Golf
If you’re looking for something frightening this year than forget the plastic pumpkins and visit one of our incredible Florida-style adventure golf courses. Have you ever wanted to see dinosaurs in the flesh? These gigantic monsters have been brought to life at our Dinosaur Safari, Jurassic Falls and Dinosaur Escape sites. Our challenging 18-hole adventure golf courses are all set in incredible surroundings with Jurassic foliage, waterfalls, scary sounds and terrifying dinos dotted around. This is the perfect alternative to tired Halloween plans and anyone obsessed with dinosaurs will find a reptilian paradise at Adventure Experience.

If the terrors of the high seas are more your flavour, Pirate Cove at the Bluewater Shopping Centre is perfect for you. This exciting adventure golf course has everything a buccaneer could want, ships, dangerous pirates and buried treasure. Located at the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, this family and pet-friendly adventure golf course has hundreds of eateries and shops on your doorstep to turn your Halloween into a full day experience.

Don’t miss out on something exciting and different. Grab your mates, family or colleagues and go on an adventure.

2. Climb the High Ropes

Halloween Party Idea - Visit a high ropes course
Some people are afraid of spiders. Others clowns. Googling phobias brings up an endless list of fears. There’s one that terrifies people more than most though.


Heights have led people to bungee jumping, skydiving and mountain climbing. The exhilaration you get from going beyond your comfort zone is second to none and well worth chasing this Halloween. While bungee jumping and other extreme sports can be too much for a lot of people, Adventure Experience’s Altitude Adventure brings the thrills to everyone.

Altitude Adventures is a Sky Trail high rope course with an assortment of obstacles, swinging rope bridges and floating planks. Set over multiple levels, this high rope course is created with all ages and fitness levels in mind. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do with our overhead track system considered to be one of the safest in the world.

Take on one of life’s most exhilarating fears this Halloween at Adventure Experience. Who knows you may find a new hobby you’ll love.

3. Visit a Castle

Halloween Party Idea - Visit a castle
Castles in the UK are famed for gruesome acts, ghosts and ghastly jails. Why not make Halloween informative and scary with a tour of your local castle. This activity is perfect for days out with many castles and manor homes hosting their own scary house tours and ghost walks. This activity doesn’t have to be stand-alone and can be an appetiser to get you, your mates, and your family excited for other spooky Halloween plans.

4. Go on a Ghost Walk

Halloween Party Idea - Ghost walk
The UK is home to some ancient cities and towns. Hundreds of years of history have led to the creation of myths, legends and ghost stories. It seems every week a new village or town is claiming to be the most haunted place in Britain. Why not seek out a good ghost walk and see if you can find the paranormal yourself. Round it off with dinner and drinks in the town of your choice and you have a fresh way to enjoy Halloween.

These are just a few of the ways to enjoy Halloween. Adventure Experience is always looking for ways to bring fun to the whole family. Book now for some unforgettable fun or sign up to our newsletter for exclusive specials. We can’t wait to see what you think of our frightful friends.