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8 ways to Ace the Adventure golf course

29th March 2017

8 ways to Ace the Adventure golf course

1. Always check the course rules before you start

Putt limits can work in your favour and if your ball comes to rest near the very edge or off of the putting green, you are allowed to reposition your ball by setting it the length of your putter’s head away from the edge. Have a look at all the rules here to get the edge.

2. Pick the right golf putter

Too big or too small and mistakes could be made. Listen to the staff member who hands you the club, the have been in this game for a long time

3. Hit the golf ball squarely with the middle of your putter

The Sweet Spot. By hitting the ball down the middle you have the best chance for a hole in one.

4. Don’t always aim for a hole in one

Focus on tackling the obstacles first, by getting the ball close to the hole you can get an easy two, hit it too hard and you could end up in Dinosaur Territory. That leads us to the next point.

5. Watch your speed

Speed is crucial for a successful putt, too slow and you end up being too far away from the hole, too slow and you will have to wrestle with the Dinosaurs for your ball back.

6. Keep an eye out for the ‘Trickster’ of your group

If you have read our blogs before then you know about the trickster, they will try and get as many points off their score as possible.

7. Don’t be scared of the dinosaurs!

We make sure they are well fed. They won’t bite, but they may distract you from becoming the champion.

8. Have Fun!

The main goal is to have fun. Win, lose or draw, taking part and having fun with friends and family is what really counts.