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A Day in the Life of Micaela Chingford’s Sky Trail Instructor

17th October 2016

A Day in the Life of Micaela Chingford’s Sky Trail Instructor

Hi there, my name’s Micaela and I’m a Sky Trail Instructor at Altitude Adventure. I enjoy a challenge and definitely have a head for heights… you have to working 32ft off the ground!

The best part of my job is being able to see people conquer their fear of heights. It’s very easy to approach the course and underestimate its height, particularly as an adult observing the brave and fearless children run around the course – it must be a walk in the park.

Last week we had a group of four women come and brave the course. Three ladies kindly accompanied their nervous (and knees-shaking friend) whom had always had a fear of heights. Booking herself and her three friends onto the course on a Sunday morning she was keen to overcome this fear conquer the course.

As we harnessed the group she continued to shake but we explained the mechanics behind the course and most importantly you cannot fall! You are always safe and attached to expert equipment. After a shaky start and lots of encouragement from the instructor team and her friends she managed to complete every activity on the course on both levels with only a few wobbles.

We often have young children who are super eager to get onto the course, but when they make it up the stairs they realise just how high they are. All it takes is a little encouragement and help from family, the instructors and even fellow Altitude Adventurer’s and they are soon flying high around the course.

My advice is don’t let your fear of heights or nerves get the better of you, the course is built to cater for all and our instructor team are here to help if you feel nervous… we’ll have you clambering around in no time!

Hope to see you soon!