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A Day in the Life of Ross Chingfords Sky Trail Instructor

20th October 2016

A Day in the Life of Ross Chingfords Sky Trail Instructor

Hello, my name is Ross and I’m one of the lead Sky Trail Instructors here at Altitude Adventure. It’s a small, but friendly team that enjoys many adventures in the sky!

It’s a great time of year, whilst T-shirts and shorts are becoming jumpers and jeans as the Autumn bears upon us, the views from the top of our course become much more breathtaking. My favourite time of day is the morning when the sun creates amazing colours in the sky… plus battling the wind is a challenge I quite enjoy!

Today as always was another fun and unique afternoon, we had a large family group to visit celebrating their little cousin’s birthday. As soon as the group walked into the entrance, you could literally see some of the adults gulping in fear… of course this was whilst the children were bouncing around in delight! Once harnessed up, the safety talk was done and off they went to take on the challenge of our high ropes course. With massive smiles and excitement you could see they were really enjoying themselves and having fun – plus gaining a new skill of self-confidence at heights.

Unfortunately as their time slot came to an end, as well as the daylight drawing away fast, it was safe to say they loved the whole experience. As everyone slowly and reluctantly made their way back towards the course exit either exhausted or pumped with adrenaline, we started to de-harness the group. Each shared their experience of the adventures they had just embarked on, mostly ending with ‘I cannot believe we got to the top’. High five’s all around as tired arms and legs walked away.

The weather won’t stop us, so don’t let your nerves, come visit us and give our Altitude Adventure Sky Trail a go!