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Adventure Experience opens its doors for NEW dinosaur adventure golf fun in Harrow!

28th June 2022

Adventure Experience opens its doors for NEW dinosaur adventure golf fun in Harrow!

The hotly anticipated dinosaur mini golf course, Jurassic Island Adventure Golf, will open its gates on Saturday 2nd July 2022.  

If you’re looking for crazy golf in Harrow, North-West London, this captivating course is an exciting family day out for everyone. Suitable for all, from tots and teens right up to granny and gramps, you can even bring the dog!  

Jurassic Island challenges players to a competitive game of adventure golf with the ultimate eye on the hole in one prize! So, whether you want to beat your big brother, be the successful sister or conquer the cousins – you can’t beat a round on our ‘roarsome’ putting course.   

And if the traditional game isn’t enough of a contest, we have introduced ‘spinners’ which add a whole new level of fun and chance – no one ever said winning was going to be easy! 

We have also thrown in a little cool learning for good measure – after all, who doesn’t like an interesting dino fact or two? Your 18-hole journey takes place in a jungle where the T-rex roams and the Spinosaurus stalks. Try to beat the course while you explore the terrain among the gushing waterfalls and winding paths. You’ll also find the Triceratops grazing and the Brachiosaurus towering through the trees and if you listen closely enough, you may even hear the cries of the raptors. Pets are welcome to join their families but make sure they are on their leads to protect them from the carnivorous creatures. 

So, take on the ‘dino-mite’ challenge of our 18-hole mini golf course to find yourself immersed in family fun and friendly competition. There’s always a chance to beat dad and find out if he is a ‘saur’ loser!

What are you waiting for? Book now for a roar-some day of adventure golf!