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How Is Adventure Golf Different to Mini Golf?

15th May 2017

How Is Adventure Golf Different to Mini Golf?

Adventure Golf involves a putter and ball but that’s where the similarity ends and there are definitely no windmills!


Adventure Golf origins lie in Florida but, if like most of us, you can’t afford a monthly Adventure Golf trip to Florida; you can enjoy a slice of Florida at one of our incredible and accessible Adventure Golf courses in the South East

So What Makes Adventure Experience Adventure Golf Courses Different?


Discover a prehistoric adventure golf encounter the whole family will enjoy!

Dinosaur Escape Adventure Golf is an educational, action packed 18 hole Adventure Golf course for all ages and abilities, where you can wander safari style through dinosaur territory and watch our near life size predators move, breathe and roar!

Have We Captured Your Interest?

Find Out More About Dinosaur Escape Adventure Golf.

Located at the West London Golf Centre on Ruislip Road, just a few strides away from the Polish War Memorial, you will be greeted by near life-size dinosaurs; which move, breathe and roar! All set amongst tropical palm trees, a large gushing waterfall cascading in to a blood red lagoon.

Adventure golf is a competitive, sociable and fun activity for the whole family – whether you are 3 or 103 Adventure Golf is a fantastic outdoor activity to enjoy all year round. Visit our primeval companions and discover new skills as you putt a Triassic triumph amongst bloodthirsty carnivores and lumbering herbivores. The experience will leave you hungry for history and eager for your next golfing adventure!

Our Adventure Golf course has 18 exciting holes comprising unique hazards from bumps, rivers and tunnels so whether you are a seasoned pro or complete novice you will be entertained, challenged and totally hooked.

Meet Our Dinosaurs..

Prepare for a close encounter with a terrifying T-Rex, meet our friendly Diplodocus and keep your eyes peeled for our grumpy Stegosaurus. Whilst negotiating 18-holes of Adventure Golf you will find yourself on an educational journey with interesting Dinosaur facts situated around the course.

While for our ‘big kids’ the course offers competitive fun for those looking to escape into our Jurassic jungle – if you want to get serious and compete for glory here are our rules:

How To Play Adventure Golf

  • Adventure Golf is played with a ball and putter. The aim of the game is to get the ball from the teeing-off area in to the hole in as few strokes (attempts) as possible
  • The Adventure Golf course has 18 clearly marked lanes (holes)
  • The holes must be played in sequential order. Hole jumping is not permitted
  • The teeing-off area is between the numbered hole markers but not beyond
  • A ball in play can only be moved by a stroke of the putter and can only be played from a position of rest
  • Maximum number of strokes to hole the ball is 6
  • If 6 strokes are made and the ball hasn’t been holed an additional point should be added i.e. 7 points
  • If a ball escapes the hole it should be repositioned at the point where is exited the boundary of the hole
  • If a ball comes to rest directly against the boundary of the hole it can be repositioned no further than the length of the putter head from the boundary
  • The winner is the person with the lowest score

An Adventure Golf experience like no other, Dinosaur Escape Adventure Golf is a fun and exciting day out for families and friends alike whether you’re a first time explorer or seasoned adventurer!
Our team can offer advice and guidance but the best advice is to just get stuck in and give it a go!

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