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Adventure Golf is a Hole-in-One for Uni Students

7th October 2019

Adventure Golf is a Hole-in-One for Uni Students

Excited students around the UK have settled into their new digs, new courses, and new societies. It’s around this time that you, your society, or just your housemates need some time to hang out and get to know each other. Adventure golf is one of the best ways to break the ice. Easy, affordable, fun, competitive and social, Adventure Experience is the perfect way to make a splash at university or college.


Adventure Experience Adventure Golf Dino

Adventure golf is quick and easy to learn. Whether you know your putter from your wedges or not, picking up the basics doesn’t require years of study. Our courses feature stunning holes designed in the Florida-style to offer you wild and zany routes from the tee to the hole. Be creative, try weird angles and show off your hole-in-one skills with your new uni mates.


At Adventure Experience, we understand that everyone, regardless of age, is just a big kid. Our themed courses offer an incredible journey back in time to when pirates sailed the seven seas and dinosaurs roamed the earth. 

Pirate Cove at the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, is a swashbuckling adventure of 36 holes! Led by Captain Jim, this journey into the smuggler’s cave is perfect for friends, family and pets. 

Dinosaur at Jurassic Falls

If you’d like a little more adventure then take a ride on our electric GoGo boats. No experience is needed to pilot these crafts and experience a pirate’s life. Pirate Cove is also situated at the Bluewater Shopping Centre offering you access to hundreds of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. 

Jurassic Falls, Dinosaur Escape, and Dinosaur Safari all bring our ancient ancestors to life. Featuring lifesize dinosaurs set in a world with realistic foliage and sounds, you and your mates will feel transported to a land before time. Enjoy adventure golf or take on the Jurassic Fall’s high rope course, Altitude Adventure. 

Altitude Adventure is fun, safe and designed for all levels. With floating planks, rope bridges and other obstacles you’ll find some fun that will get your heart pumping at the same time.


Adventure Experience Adventure Golf

Student budgets are a cliche as old as time. Pot noodles and meal-deals are a constant student need so you’ll be pleased to know Adventure Experience offers discounts at various times of the year so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to hear about these deals first. Our prices are highly competitive at full price so buying at peak times or off-peak times won’t break the bank. Be sure to keep an eye on our social updates for Pirate Cove, Jurassic Falls, Dinosaur Safari and Dinosaur Escape. You’ll find amazing unlimited golf specials as well as huge discounts.


Jurassic Falls Adventure ExperienceAdventure golf is fun but also competitive. Adventure golf is accessible to everyone and as long as you can swing a club you have the potential to be a champion. Take your uni friends out for a day of fun and games and show them who really rules the roost. Think of it as a novel way to settle any house share disputes. Without the passive-aggressive notes.



Waterfall at Adventure Experience

Last but not least, adventure golf is sociable. The easy-going pace and low stakes make it perfect for catching up with mates or breaking the ice on a first date. Set in our incredible themed worlds, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to chat, connect and find the perfect spot for a social snap.

At Adventure Experience, we are committed to making life light-hearted. From the hijinx of our course layouts to the magical worlds we set them in, you and your university group will find adventure golf the perfect way to ease into your new year.