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Altitude Adventure blog: Four rope course elements which make for a top notch high ropes course!

19th April 2018

Altitude Adventure blog: Four rope course elements which make for a top notch high ropes course!

High ropes courses are great fun for everyone and courses such as Altitude Adventure can be fantastic for helping individuals to improve self-confidence and problem-solving skills. High ropes are also a great activity to bring everyone together and work on team building and communication. Here at Altitude Adventure we have a 32ft high course with over 30 different elements to try! (How cool!) We’d love to give you a little preview of what kind of thing you would be in for if you were to take a trip to Altitude Adventure but we don’t want to give too much away as we need to maintain some mystery and the element of surprise. So, without further ado here are four rope course elements that make Altitude Adventure extra special…  

  1. Z shaped balance beam! 

The Z shaped balance beam is quite similar to a typical ropes course element, the balance beam. However, what makes the Z shaped balance beam differ from your average one is the fact that it forces the brave climber to switch direction every 4 feet which means one would need to put your planning skills to good use to tackle this element. This is a super fun ropes course team building or solo activity that challenge you to be extra focused and concentrated in order to retain your balance. 

  1. Cargo net!  

Cargo nets are a ropes course activity that can at times be daunting however it can be a great challenge and a unique element. There are several styles of cargo net that you can find on high ropes courses across the world. The classic ladder type cargo net encourages the challenger to show us what they’ve got as they scramble to the top of the platform. But here at Altitude Adventure we thought we’d go a step more challenging and have a unique twist on the classic version of the cargo net is to turn it sideways which forces the climber to travel across horizontally in order to reach the other side. This is a great way for individuals to face his or her fears and risk falling in this tricky yet thrilling activity. 

  1. Double line bridge  

The double line bridge is a thrilling element that requires intricate problem-solving skills and pushes you to expand on your upper and lower body strength. This activity consists of a two single tightropes that spans from one platform to the next. The climber must figure out how to get to the other side. They must inch their way across the lines by using the maximum strength of their arms and legs in order to get across the bridge and maintain their balance. This is an extreme task which is heaps of fun and allows the climber to reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence. I mean after crossing one of these elements, you can tackle anything in the world on ground level! 

  1. Unstable Bridge 

Altitude Adventure is made up of various unstable brigdes. Through unstable bridges, individuals exercise the ability to control their surroundings. One false move could send them falling. This exhilarating activity truly tests balance and unity of the mind and body. You have to ensure to keep all your muscles as tight as possible to avoid distributing your weight unevenly and catapulting yourself to the other side of the element. This trick can be transferred between our different types of unstable bridges: from those that have ropes to hold onto and those that don’t. The main bridge you have to take particular care of when crossing, is our unstable ladder bridge. Trust me when I say the difficulty is within the name and the utmost concentration is needed to conquer that element. Before you venture across be sure to call one of our instructors to show them your skills, who know you might even win a prize…  

So, dear thrill-seeker, after reading our post do you still believe you have what it takes to tackle our course? We’re sure you do so head over for a challenge of your lifetime!