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The Benefits of Adventure Golf

29th March 2017

The Benefits of Adventure Golf

“I am off to play golf this weekend” – the start of many household arguments



“You only just came back”

The benefits of Adventure Golf is something the whole family can enjoy all year long and maybe put a stop to these arguments once and for all. We are always being told we need to be more active and to eat more greens (well there are 36 greens at Pirate Cove surely that counts? P.S don’t actually eat the greens).

It is time to put the smart phone down and partake in a round, Adventure golf is something that everyone and anyone can join in. (you don’t actually have to be good at it) it’s a fun activity for everyone to take part in and enjoy the great outdoors.

Take in the sights and sounds of nature as you explore the setting of the course, locatd around the lake, at Pirate Cove Adventure Park.

Who doesn’t like some friendly competition to decide who the ultimate Adventure golfer is in the household! Maybe the little one might upset Dads perfect score? It’s also an ideal opportunity to practice your putting skills in preparation for your attempt on the PGA tour (you wish!).

So why not relax unwind and enjoy some stress free Golf – Adventure Golf (stress free is not guaranteed as you are with the most competitive family after all). Bring some friends and enjoy the social benefits of Bluewater for a bite to eat afterwards – the choice of places to eat is endless.

Another benefit of being next to Bluewater Shopping Centre is Dads can golf while mums can shop OR why not let the dads shop while the mum’s golf? Everyone’s a winner!

After some time playing adventure golf at Pirate Cove you will soon start hearing “when can we go and play Adventure Golf” “when can we go back to Pirate Cove Adventure Park”

The answer will always be “yes, lets go!” as so much fun was had by all the time before.

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