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Couples and Golf

1st April 2018

Couples and Golf

Why choose Dinosaur Escape for Date Night?

Most couples visit our site looking for a fun filled day, with the added bonus of our larger than life dinosaurs. However, when handed a score card, the stakes are raised from fun to full on competition. As we roam the site, we hear couples making their bets. The newer couples always have similar requests from their partner, ‘if I win you buy dinner’ and the stakes are more along the line of ‘you do the washing up’ for couples who’ve been together for longer.  I haven’t seen a couple play the adventure golf without turning it into a competition. We have even noticed that when couples bring a younger family member, they still manage to have a competition between themselves and the young child’s scores are celebrated at each hole but disregarding once the scores are in!

We have a lucky hole of the day so there’s always added competition between the pair; who will win and who will get our lucky hole? The digs begin before they even leave our hut, one partner always picks out the so called “girliest” colour for their partner or the brightest can claims that it’s so their partner ‘doesn’t lose it’.  With hole 6 being closest to the hut, we can faintly hear trash talk and the partner in the lead bragging. By hole 9 it’s guaranteed that sportsmanship is out of the window and the couples are blatantly trying to put one another off (clearly no one wants to do the washing up!) As they progress through the course, you’ll definitely witness the couples checking the score card to make sure no one is cheating, you’ll find them perched on one of our benches discussing their scores so far. By this point you’ll definitely see some raised eyebrows and some changing of the scores.  By hole 15 scores are already totalled – one of them is deciding how to win and the other is deciding on how they will stay in the lead. As we walk around the course, we’re guaranteed to hear the odd couple say ‘ooo looks like we have a new Tigers Woods’, with an eye roll. If you think the competition is high at the start, boy you underestimated it!  It won’t stop until someone is on top.

Just after hole 18 you can see the couples standing on the pathway adding up their final scores and comparing them to our leader board. Sometimes we like to have our own competition and guess who won before the couples enter our hut. When they do, we ask how their game went (full right knowing the progression). The winner is always the first to say something and this is because they have just earned bragging rights. Normally we ask if they got any holes in one but sometimes they beat us to the punch asking what our lucky hole is to see if they had achieved both a win and a lucky prize. Those with the double victory will go on about it until the next time they visit Dinosaur Escape, waving their free pass and smiling from ear to ear with the intentions of winning again.

When our male competitors win they put it down to ‘skill’ and how they are a natural and mini golf is their secret talent but they sometimes compare their partners to our are angry T-Rex. When our female competitors win it is always put down to luck by their male counterpart! By this point someone is definitely and throwing a tantrum, making us forget who the kids are and putting a smile on our faces. So ladies, keep playing and keep winning!

Despite all the cheating and tantrums throughout and after the game, we’re still excited when our regular and not so regular couples turn up; I mean, your reactions are what get us out of bed in the morning!