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A day in the life of a Diplodocus

29th March 2017

A day in the life of a Diplodocus

Hi explorers,

So far, this month has been a mighty exciting one at the Adventure Golf course for a Diplodocus like me. You may have seen me, with my huge neck and long tail, enjoying myself, especially despite the long and cold Winter. I have followed a range of visitors and seen some interesting attempts at putting and met some wonderful people.

Firstly, I watched a lovely family of four spending their Sunday afternoon playing on the course. Although the parents tried their hardest, it was their 7 year old son who came out on top, much to the refusal of his little sister! I was very jealous when I saw them enjoying their slush puppies around the course as I was craving a nice snack. It’s hard to stand here and best on my best behaviour all day, you know!

On Wednesday, I enjoyed a nice stroll around the course with Megalosaurus (who was hoping to find a gold medal someone had forgotten!) when we saw a group of students challenging each other to an Adventure golfing competition. Desperate to know the outcome, we followed them around the course to see who would win the 18-hole battle, for it to be a tie in the end! It was amusing for us to say the least, and we heard them say they will practice to be the champion next time… good luck!

Of course, like every month, one of my highlights was reuniting with explorers whom I have met previously. I have seen lots of old faces recently, and it is nice to see how they have improved and come to know the course so well- nearly as well as me and I live here! I do hope that many the new explorers come to visit me again- I love making new friends and am really just a BFD (big friendly dinosaur!).
Perhaps some of you will become my new friends? Do wave at me if you see me hovering over the A1, and tune back in next time for some more of my favourite tales!