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A Day in the Life of a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

13th May 2018

A Day in the Life of a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

As the bright sun rises, I wake up to the sight of a beautiful day. The scent of the freshly cut grass and the new competitors fill my nostrils as I stretch to stroke the ducks in our lakes. ‘I wonder who I will scare today with my 60 sharp, pointy teeth?’ I think to myself as I wonder around the course for a drink and a small breakfast nibble.

The first person I see on the course is Michelle, coming to feed me so I don’t fancy a bite of our customers and she gives me a loving stroke to make sure I am okay. I like Michelle, she checks up on all of us here at Dinosaur Escape to make sure we are able to give our customers the scare they need. I mean… a trip to Dinosaur Escape is never complete without a crying toddler, or a sinister scream.  What else would you expect from me and my Dino friends at Dinosaur Escape?

As soon as the doors open, customers burst through ready to start their game filling my ears with the sound of laughter and joy. I carefully watch them as they approach hole 1 and have a go. Sometimes I even have to stop myself from laughing because they can’t putt the ball in one! However, I don’t want to give away my hiding place as little did these customers know they would soon be approaching my beautiful face. 

As they make their way around the course I analyse their personalities, smelling their bones, hearing their voices and judging who would be tastiest (normally it’s the small children because they are full of sugary goodness).

The good smelling ones I never look at…I don’t want to give away my plan, so if I’m looking at you…you are not good enough to eat, congratulations, you have escaped my wrath!

However… If I don’t look at you, you should be on the lookout as I may start following you for a small nibble to see if you taste as good as you smell! Or I may just want a little sip of your slush puppy…I hope you like sharing!

I meet lots of new people each day, some are couples, some are families and some are just big group of adults who get very competitive. I love watching everyone enjoy themselves at our Adventure Golf Course, what else is there to do as a Dinosaur in the 21st Century other than scare you all?! But of course I look out for my friends here too, SO… If I find you are poking my Dino friends, I may just have to scare you off… so keep your putters down and focus on those holes in 1! I’ve even seen some medals being given out for those who are lucky enough to succeed!

As the laughter dies and the sun sets, I lay down again to relax. I love it here, it’s just so fun and friendly – It definitely is my long lost home. I say goodbye to our lovely staff members and use the leaves on the ground to keep me warm at night. I dream about who I will meet the next day and new scarier ways to introduce myself. Am I going to see you? I hope so!

I love seeing people come back to see how I am doing, so please don’t love and leave me here all alone. Come back to see if I’ve grown, I won’t bite…just nibble. I look forward to munching… oops, I mean, meeting you all!

 See you soon for some Adventure Golf fun!

Love from your friend; T-Rex.