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Dinosaur Parties

3rd June 2018

Dinosaur Parties

Although it has taken a lot longer than usual (and believe us we’ve been looking forward to it) the sun is finally out! We’ve battled through snow, rain and even lightening and now summer is officially here. When you live in the UK and the sun does appear you’ve got to take full advantage! Spend as much time as possible enjoying the warmth before winter returns. If you’re lucky enough to be born in a month where the sun shines then the perfect party is adventure golf!

Dinosaur Safari offers the best dino parties in all Barnet and that’s a fact. So, you’d be a fool to miss out. At only £12.50 per child all your friends can join you for a fun day at Dinosaur Safari! Everything you’ll need for a great day is all ready for you and once the boring bit of paying is out the way, everything else will be a walk in a safari. Even booking is super simple. All you’ve got to do is head to our booking page, chose your day and time and it’s all done! Any questions contact our team at: 0208 44 94 397

So, the morning of your birthday arrives, the suns out, dinosaurs are awakening from their slumber. Today’s the day and everyone knows. The dinosaurs favourite day is a birthday party day. It reminds them of their birthdays when they were just little hatchlings many millions of years ago. They played their own versions of adventure golf with rocks and sticks. This was followed by party games such as pin the tail of the velociraptor or duck duck T-Rex. 

Once your whole team is assembled its time for the fun to begin. Now a dinosaur safari party isn’t like any other. Once you get given your balls and putters you get to spend the day tackling all 18 holes of the mini golf (hope you’ve been practicing those trick shots) while the dinosaurs of the safari watch over you. Challenge friends to shots down tunnels while avoiding the sneaky rivers. Treat a triceratops to a birthday hug. Enjoy the competitiveness of the game- especially as everyone knows birthday boys and girls never lose. 

As soon as you’ve completed all 18 holes and rescued any explorers from the naughtier dinosaurs, (they would never hurt anyone just some of them want you to play golf with them all day.) its time to head back to the party room for a feast fit for a T-Rex. You do have to bring your own food along to Dinosaur Safari, but this just means you can fill it with all you favourite foods! Be it jelly or pizza or even those teeny little sausage rolls that only seem to turn up at parties.

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without a birthday cake! What’s your favourite? Most dinosaurs aren’t big fans of cake, but our diplodocus loves anything with fruit in. (So, watch out if you’ve got a Victoria Sponge lying around it might not be there for long).

It is sad to say that not long after this you’ll be leaving us but not before receiving your dinosaur party bag! Filled with all sorts of exciting dinosaur goodies it’s as unique as seeing a dinosaur in London. But make sure no baby dinos have hopped in it! They are not part of the box even if they pretend to be! They can be very sneaky sometimes!

We all really hope to see you very soon for your very special dinosaur adventure golf party at Dinosaur Safari. You can book online now at: /dinosaur-safari/parties-groups/