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Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf- What Is It??

31st May 2017

Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf- What Is It??

About us:

Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is the name of our brilliantly engaging adventure golf site located just off of the A1. You can easily spot us by looking out for our huge 100ft long Diplodocus whom can be seen guarding the course at all times and looming over the A1 motorway

What Do We Offer?

Adventure golf is a fun activity for all the family and friends or even for a quick breather alone, whether you are feeling competitive or would just like a fun and friendly game of golf, it is perfect for all occasions, ages and abilities.

What makes us different (and the best!!) is the theme, of course- DINOSAURS! Dinosaurs dominate our course with their sheer physical size and loud roars making them hard to miss.

Furthermore, we have ticket hut selling fantastic dinosaur themed toys and souvenirs; which are a memorale treat for the winner!

The whole adventure golf course has an extremely adventurous, exciting atmosphere that can make anyone feel like a true explorer!
The main activity of our site is obviously adventure golf but with a twist. We have 18 holes of super tricky but super enjoyable challenges such as attempting to cross a small stream or attempting to get a hole in one through a tunnel so there is no room for boredom on our course! The scenery is also incredible with colourful lagoons running through the course, tropical palm trees and lush greenery to create a perfect environment to have a truly unique and memorable day whatever the weather

Top Tips from the Dinosaurs:

At Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, our dinosaurs have witnessed hundreds of thousands of adventure golf rounds which have enabled them to narrow down the top tips that they have seen for themselves and heard from true champions.

The first and most important piece of advice from any dinosaur you ask is that in order to win you must know how to win. Unusually to other sports, the player with the lowest score is the actual winner as that means they were able to get their ball in the hole in the least amount of attempts – making them a natural! To do this, you must watch the hole whilst you line up your ball and use enough force to reach the hole but not enough so the ball bounces back, which is the most common mistake they witness every day! Don’t be over excited, albeit this is difficult to achieve.

Another sneaky tip the dinosaurs have revealed is that the winners ALWAYS have the perfect putter size for them! The adults have black or blue ones because they are the biggest with younger children having a range of coloured putters from purple to yellow depending on their height. For winners, the colour is not important – the height is the key! Your putter should reach your hip so when you go to score it is not too high and not too low- it is just right!

The final secret:

The final secret, which the dinosaurs informed us about, is probably one of the best kept secrets of the Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf course but we will reveal it here, to you exclusive blog readers only. At the Dinosaur Safari,we have some very special balls which are rare colours (pink is a winner) and said to have special powers… whether that is true or not is unconfirmed, but make sure to look out for these unusual colours as they might just give you the final piece of luck you need to win!
Oh and before I forget, the favourite line from the dinosaurs is this:
“The people that have fun are the true winners” which we cannot agree with more- and is true for everyone as you are sure to enjoy yourself here whatever the outcome!