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Exhilarating Easter Fun

17th April 2017

Exhilarating Easter Fun

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we have thrown open the gates of Altitude Adventure for another exhilarating day at our high ropes course. Our instructors have folded away their winter coats and whipped out the sun cream ready for another busy week of bouncing altitude climbers. Everyone is in high spirits as families discuss which obstacles they are going to tackle first, the early rises love having the course to themselves during our first slot of the day.

With the Easter holidays coming to an end we’ve been very busy here at Altitude: from birthday parties to giant family outings we have had people of all ages, heights and abilities climbing our 32m high ropes course. We’ve even seen a few familiar faces returning to tackle the skies!

Every climber has a favourite obstacle and the Charlie Chaplain has been a big favourite this holiday as our climbers attempt to hold onto the high top loops and scale across the tight rope below from the highest level of the course. Our ‘Walk the Plank’ is still popular as climbers shuffle out to stand 32m high Peter Pan style and we’ve had lots of Easter bunnies hopping across our lily pads. Instructor Clifford is a big fan of the shaky rope ladder of doom (you can read about his trials with this on our previous blog) but our instructor Jamila prefers the zigzag plank.

While our adventurers climb, parents and young children warm themselves with a hot drink or dig into a delicious chocolate waffle/crepe from our food hut on site. After a thrilling climb, our adventurers can help themselves to a slushy as a reward for braving the heights and conquering their fears.

If you’re looking for a family, thrill seeking, adventure fuelled day out, then head down to Altitude Adventure and we are open weekends and evenings throughout the whole of April, May and all the bank Holidays. Our staff are eager to harness you up and help you on your way to walking in the sky.