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Family Activities to Keep the Winter Blues Away

5th November 2019

Family Activities to Keep the Winter Blues Away

As the days get darker and the mercury drops, coming up with fun outdoor activities for the family can be difficult. Nobody wants to be cooped up inside all the time so it’s even more important to pull on those winter boots and embrace the crisp winter weather. Luckily, there is a wide range of activities that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy regardless of the temperature. We’re here to give you a few ideas on how to make this winter one to remember. 

Remember to Wrap Up

Winter clothing stack

First off, before going on any adventures in winter be sure to wrap up warm. Grab a good winter coat, some warm boots and any other winter warmers before heading out for the day.

Adventure Golf

Winter Adventure Golf Family Activities

Adventure Experience is renowned for our amazing adventure golf courses. Our range of Florida-style mini-golf courses offers incredible excitement, competition and imagination. From the swashbuckling adventures at Pirate Cove, at the Bluewater shopping centre, to the heart-pumping excitement of playing among life-like dinosaurs at Jurassic Falls in London, Dinosaur Escape in Northolt and Dinosaur Safari in Barnet, there’s something for everyone at Adventure Experience. Each of our adventure golf courses is designed lovingly with details to engage all the senses. 

With locations across England, you’ll find anyone of our pet-friendly courses conveniently located with food and drink options to keep you and your family fed, watered and warmed for a day out. Original and full of fun, why not take a step back in time and show your family winter is full of fun with a round of 18 surrounded by dinos in the snow.

Ice Skating

Family ice skating

Ice skating is a winter activity that is popular across the globe. Luckily, you won’t need to venture far to find the nearest ice rink. Town squares regularly set up ice rinks in the run-up to Christmas with permanent ice rinks around the country providing access outside of the festive season. This activity is fun, safe and easy to pick up. To help build confidence, ice rinks also have the staff to help teach you how to skate. Once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll love the rush of soaring across the ice on a wintry day out. 

Ice skating is fun for the whole family. From tots to adults, this is a seasonal activity that is sure to blow away some of the cobwebs and energise you this winter. 


Family sledging

Sledging and winter go hand in hand. This timeless activity requires little more than some good winter clothes, a snowy hill and a sledge. If a sledge is hard to come by, you can even use an old box. Whatever you decide to use, you and your friends and family will find there are hours of fun to be had sledging. This activity is engaging and exercising too with several climbs up the hill providing some much-needed winter aerobics. Don’t waste a good snow day stuck indoors. Wrap up warm, grab the family and make a day of enjoying nature’s very own rollercoaster. 

Bonfire Night

Family bonfire night

If the winter darkness gets to you during this time of the year then try to shake things up with a relaxing bonfire night. Build a fire in a fire pit or other safe space and invite friends and family over for an evening of smores, hot chocolate and happy memories. A roaring fire is like nature’s tele providing you with warmth and light in the crisp winter darkness. 

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Family winter scavenger hunt

Last but not least is a good old fashioned scavenger hunt. The English countryside goes through many changes throughout the year and appreciating each of the seasons is a must. Take a trip to your nearest forest, hill or area of outstanding beauty and play a fun scavenger hunt. Pine cones, winter berries and acorns are just a few of the winter treasures that await so make a list and have the family see who can find all the items the quickest. The winner gets a big mug of hot chocolate. 

Living in a country where winter can get really cold and dark doesn’t have to decide your weekends. You can still stay active even when the weather isn’t playing ball with a little imagination, and a lot of layers. Contact us now for more information on Adventure Experience’s exciting activities or book now and surprise your friends with a winter activity to remember.