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Golf is great, whatever the weather!

1st September 2018

Golf is great, whatever the weather!

It’s hard to guess what the weather will be doing any day at Pirate Cove Adventure Park. You can start in the rain and finish in the sun. You could witness the full range of seasons in one hour, but no weather is going to stop us! You can play golf any weather!

Now, as I can imagine many of you would be put off coming down to Pirate Cove Adventure Park now that the weather getting colder and wetter, but there are loads of reasons to come! First, there’s our Winter Pass; On sale now, the Winter Pass gives you unlimited golf from now all the way to the very end of March. You can get the pass for Explorers (over 12), Young Explorers (7-11) and for a Family (Maximum of 4 people no more than 2 adults). The passes are £20-£60 based on which one you get and after 3 trips you would’ve got your moneys worth back. Also Pirate Cove is also not as busy when its slightly colder! This means that if you bundle up warm and come down you can play with most of the course to yourself whipping round the course in record time will help keep you nice and warm on the coldest of days.

Obviously, sunny days are a great time to come. When the sun’s out the lake sparkles and the whole site feels like you could be in Florida. The pedalos and electric boats are also fun in the sun. Relaxing down our lake for half hour a day. But if a sunny day turns into a rainy day then the fun doesn’t have to stop! With rain ponchos at the ready, you can head straight out and carry on!

Rain should never be a reason to stop play! If you’ve got a coat keeping you dry the rain may even be an advantage. Although the crew try to keep the decks dry by sweeping off the rain but sometimes it still gets big puddles. This just adds a new obstacle to the course or may even help you win the game if you can use the puddles to slow down your golf ball (or you can blame it on them if you lose). And snow is basically just cold rain!

Now windy days can be difficult, especially for boat lovers as it can mean that they have to close (otherwise you could be stuck out there for longer than you thought!) but it’s great for golf. Think hole in one is the best you can get? Well think again windy days you don’t even need to hit the ball once to get it in the hole!

Now if you don’t fancy playing golf in the cold weather you can always come and have a few goes on our arcade machines. We have three different claw machines (one is prize every time!), a foosball machine and a stacker. The best things about them is that they’re inside the castle with nice warm heaters right next to them. Sure, slushies and ice cream aren’t great this time of year we do have coffee and hot chocolate.

So, whether the next few months are freezing cold, raining or a lucky bit of snow we look forward to seeing you at Pirate Cove Adventure Park! We’ll be there all year round (apart from Christmas Day) even if its freezing! (We’ll be the people in the castle huddled under a heater). If you have any queries about opening times, winter passes, or weather restriction check out our website or phone us at: 01322427270.