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A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Hole 1 to 4

27th March 2018

A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Hole 1 to 4

Here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, Barnet, we often get asked the best way to play some of our holes (yes, by both adults and children), so we thought we would share some of our extensive knowledge of our course with you all. It might just help get that hole in one that you have been dreaming of!

Hole 1

Hole one, the beginning of your Adventure Golf experience with us. Before you even begin you have to venture through our very large Dinosaur Head, scary stuff right? Don’t let it distract you from your victory however, you are about to play a round of adventure golf like no other, so stay focused… don’t worry we don’t expect you to ignore that it’s the perfect opportunity for a family selfie! On the right-hand side, our resident Pterodactyl spectates, flapping its wings and screaming at you while you try and play (so be it with “Silence – I’m playing golf!”) yet another distraction as you try to succeed. There are two rocks in the middle of the green, the trick is to weight your shot perfectly so that it goes right through the middle of them both for a hole in one! Be careful not to hit it too hard, it might end up bouncing back and landing right in front of your feet leaving, your competition in hysterics.

Hole 2

Hole two here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is a fairly scary prospect, you are on a small island surrounded by our colorful lake, be careful not to lose your ball in it but fear not if you do, as we always keep flippers and a snorkel around! Only joking. The trick to this hole is to avoid the big palm tree that is sprouting from the middle of the green. The best way to do this is to aim slightly left of it. Try and shift your weight a little to make the ball curve just at the right angle around the tree. This hole is deceptively long so make sure that you hit you ball hard enough to make it to the hole.

Hole 3

Our third hole is deceptively one of the hardest holes – we like surprises here at Dinosaur Safari so you don’t assume that it gets harder the further you go ! The reason it’s as challenging as it is, is that there are 3 hills that the ball must roll up to get to the hole – a struggle for even the biggest Adventure Golf enthusiast. We have seen many people try and fail to get a hole in one on this hole; we also think that having our resident Brachiosaurus watching adds extra pressure. As this hole requires the ball the travel up 3 hills it is imperative that you hit the ball hard enough to make it to the hole. An essential trick is to hit the ball very smoothly so that the ball doesn’t bounce. If the ball bounces you will lose all the momentum, so heed our warning!

Hole 4

The fourth hole here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is also a tricky one, the reason it’s so tricky is that there is no right way to play this hole. Oh, and the tail of our resident 100-foot Diplodocus, is right in sight, just a small distraction from the game. People tackle this hole in all sorts of ways with different results every time. With two large humps and a big slant at the back, who knows how to take this one on!

If you are the competitive type and are playing for the ice cream afterwards, it might be best to play safe and hit straight at the hole with enough weight to get it over the two humps. If you are feeling adventurous though and want to do something spectacular we would recommend hitting your shot to the right-hand side of the hole and trying to curve the ball all the way around. It’s difficult but if you can pull it off, it looks fantastic!

You’ve come to the end of our “How to Guide”. Stay tuned for our upcoming cheat blogs on how to succeed at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, we hope that these tips and tricks will help you achieve a better score when you next decide to visit. If our blog inspired you and you manage to get a hole in one while you play, let us know and there may be a prize!