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A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Holes 11 to 13

17th July 2018

A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Holes  11 to 13

Welcome back to our guide of Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, we know you have been waiting! We always get asked the best way to play some of our holes so we thought we would share some of our tips and tricks that might just help get that hole in one that you have been looking for!

Hole 11

Hole Eleven here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is rather terrifying. Not only do we have our life-size Ankylosaurus just behind you as you are playing, but also there is no route to the hole. Instead, there is an uphill shot that you must hit your ball up, then when you get up the hill there are three separate pipes, each exiting at the bottom in three separate locations. All the pipes lead down to the hole but there is not one pipe that is best to use. They all depend on how hard the shot is hit and how well the ball travels down the pipes. To be honest, any of the pipes that you putt the ball down could get a hole in one, unfortunately, on this hole; you just need a nice slice of luck!

Hole 12

Hole Twelve is a hole that can seem easy, but much like everything here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, nothing is as easy or as simple as it seems. Hole 12 is quite a short hole, as we said it seems like a simple up a hill, to the right, and into the hole. However with the hole being quite short, a hill and a right, it can be a recipe for disaster for some of our clients. The best way to play this hole is to hit the ball high enough up the hill that the ball will carry enough speed on the way back to go into the hole, but you don’t want to hit it too high up the hill otherwise it will go too fast and miss. It’s really difficult to try and put into words the best way to play hole 12, however, if you ask one of our team we will gladly show you how to get a hole in one!

Hole 13

Hole Thirteen here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is a bit of a tough one, for starters you are in a big plant trellis, so you have to be careful not to be distracted by the plants that are on both sides of you and on top of you!

Secondly, at hole 13, you can’t even see the hole. It is carefully hidden behind a rock and just behind the hole is 2 other rocks. So the way to get to the hole? Well, in theory, it is easy, all you have to do is hit the ball from the tee box to the right or the left-hand side of the rocks. The ball will then follow around the top of the rocks, roll in-between the two rocks at the back, and then drop right into the hole for a fantastic hole in one… Sound easy right?

Yeah, unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. However this can be done, even if you try it and it doesn’t work, you don’t need to worry, all you need to do is try it again no matter where the ball stops.

We hope that you find this guide helpful and that when you next come in you can get the hole in one that you have been trying if you do you might even win a prize! We look forward to seeing you soon and hopefully giving out lots of prizes for getting a hole in one!