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A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Holes 14 to 16

1st August 2018

A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Holes 14 to 16

Welcome back to our guide of Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, we know you have been waiting! We always get asked the best way to play some of our holes so we thought we would share some of our tips and tricks that might just help get that hole in one that you have been looking for!

Hole 14

Hole Fourteen here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf faces with you with a daunting task, the green is split into 3 steps which you have to hit the ball down without it changing direction and this is not an easy feat! You also have to do this hole whilst you are being watched by four of our small purple resident Dino’s. Thankfully for you these Dinosaurs don’t move or make any noises! If they did it would be impossible to concentrate. The only way to really play this hole is to hit the ball as straight as possible at the hole cup with enough power that it will make it to the hole but not so hard that the ball will fly off in another direction and off the wall.

Hole 15

Hole Fifteen is a hole that can seem easy, but much like everything here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, nothing is as easy or as simple as it seems. Hole 15 starts off with a jump over a river, this seems like a nice easy start but trust us, it is really easy to mess this up. You can’t hit the ball too hard or it will go up the other end, bounce back and go into the water. You also can’t hit the ball too soft or it won’t make it over the river and the ball will be lost forever! (Not really there is a grate that stops the ball so you can just get the ball back if you need).

So basically the best way to play this hole is to hit the ball at about a 70° angle; in theory the ball should jump the river, play up the course and into the hole. If for any reason the ball does not go in the hole, remember that this could hit a wall, bounce back and bounce into the hole!

It is also worth mentioning that whilst playing hole 15 you are in the shadow of our amazing life size Megalosaurus so don’t lose concentration!

Hole 16

Hole Sixteen here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is a really tough one, for starters you are still in the shadows of our fantastic Megalosaurus!

Secondly, at Hole 16 you are in surrounded by Large Dinosaur eggs, and you have to navigate your way through them to get to the hole. Oh and just to make things even harder there is a ledge which will drop the ball down into the unknown! No we’re just kidding, it will not be dropped into the unknown, and however it does make your next shot twice as hard if you do manage to drop down into the ledge.

Never fear though, there is a nice easy route to the hole, but you do have to hit the perfect shot. To do this you will need to aim straight at the hole, hit the shot with just the right amount of power and it will not drop down the ledge, but it is a close call?


We hope that you find this guide helpful and that when you next come in you can get the hole in one that you have been trying if you do you might even win a prize! We look forward to seeing you soon and hopefully giving out lots of prizes for getting a hole in one! Stay tune for our final guide to complete Dinosaur Safari.