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A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Holes 17 to 18

20th August 2018

A Guide to Dinosaur Safari – Holes 17 to 18

Welcome back to our guide of Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, we know you have been waiting! We always get asked the best way to play some of our holes so we thought we would share some of our tips and tricks that might just help get that hole in one that you have been looking for! So sit back and relax and enjoy a final Guide to Dinosaur Safari…

Hole 17

Hole Seventeen here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is by far the hardest hole that we have. It doesn’t look like much, but trust us, it is really difficult.So just to set the scene, we have one of our resident Dinosaur’s on the right hand side of thehole, this Dino is both moving and roaring! Don’t be put off by it! We are also still in the shadow of our life size Megalosaurus so all in all you need to be really careful not to be put off by all of our resident Dinosaurs!

Now the hole, it is a nice easy path up to the hole. Then, when you get up to the hole, there is a large mound with the hole cup on top of the mound. This makes putting the ball into the hole nearly impossible! The only way that it is possible to play this hole is to put the ball up to the foot of the mound and then put into the hole from there.

You can try other methods but take it from us, we have tried so many different ways to play this hole and we have yet to come up with another consistent way to play it.

You can hit and hope for the best, however you could end up with maximum shots, and at hole 17, so close to the end, do you really want to ruin your score?!

Hole 18

Hole Eighteen is a hole that can seem easy at first, but much like everything here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, nothing is as easy or as simple as it seems.

Hole Eighteen is a downhill slope with various rocks in the middle of the course.

The best way to play this hole is to hit the ball slightly right, around the first rock obstacle. If you do this there is a very good chance that the ball will flow down to the hole and go in. If it doesn’t go in it will be close to the hole and hopefully if the ball is close to the hole you will be able to at least salvage a two shot! Remember it could all come down to this hole!

When you have finished hole 18 you have unfortunately finished your adventure with us! However never fear! If you wanted to play another round in order to avenge a loss then you can play for half price!

If you have had enough of Adventure Golf for one day, then don’t worry you don’t have to play a second round, however if you would like to finish off your visit to us the perfect way, we have got a fantastic range of ice creams and also various flavours of our amazing Polar Krush Slush! Why not get a delicious Ice Cream and a slush drink, sit on our decked area in the sun watching the variety of people starting their adventure.

We hope that you find this guide helpful and that when you next come in you can get the hole in one that you have been trying if you do you might even win a prize! We look forward to seeing you soon and hopefully giving out lots of prizes for getting a hole in one!

Thank you and well done for completing the guide to Dinosaur Safari!