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Happy Easter – Meet our Course Host

9th April 2018

Happy Easter – Meet our Course Host


First and foremost all of us here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, Barnet would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter, we all truly hope that you had a lovely Easter weekend and ate lots & lots of Easter Eggs! Easter is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with the family and partake in lots of activities, which is why visiting us here at Dinosaur Safari in Easter is such a great idea! We have 18 holes of amazing adventure golf that will challenge even the keenest golfer. We also have life size Dinosaurs, I mean who doesn’t love Dinosaurs right?

Not only that but here at Dinosaur Safari we really know what makes a family day out special and we stop at nothing to ensure that you have the special family day out that we all deserve.


Visitor Experience Host’s

Here at Dinosaur Safari we put our heads together (not with the Megalosaurus though) to think what else we can do to make everyone’s visit here even better. We came up with the Visitor Experience Host, this is a new role that we created for 2018. Their job? Quite simply their job is to be out on the course with all of you  having fun and make sure that you have the absolute best time on your visit here. Our visitor experience hosts are thrilled to be here at Dinosaur Safari and cannot wait to meet you all, laugh with you and hopefully make some of those special memories that last a lifetime!

We now have an introduction from two of our Visitor Experience hosts – Jess & Izzy, so look out for them, and if you see them give them a big wave!

“Hi! I’m Jess, a Visitor Experience Host at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf.

I’ve been here since August 2017, playing golf with customers and making your game as adventurous as possible. My role here focuses on the customer and making sure you enjoy your round as much as possible. Some of my other duties revolve around keeping the grounds safe and clean so families have fun with no concerns regarding health and safety.

Outside of Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, my hobbies include singing, army cadets, and having fun with my friends. My main goal in life is putting a smile on other people’s faces, and that is why I enjoy my role so much.

Here at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, we’re all about customer experience, ensuring that you can have a laugh with us and rely on us to make your game as great as possible. My personal goal is to make sure that each customer enjoys their time here and leaves with a big smile on their face.

Think it’s too good to be true? Come visit us and let us prove how great Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf is!”

“Hi, I’m Izzy and I have just started working at Dinosaur Safari. I’m really excited about this as it’s a completely different kind of role in comparison to other retail jobs I’ve had before, plus I love being outside! I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of new people every day, helping people to get the most out of their golfing experience and, most of all, making sure that you, and everyone in your group leave with the biggest smile on your faces! When I’m not studying for my A-levels, I listen to lots of music and go to lots of concerts, as well as enjoying singing, playing guitar, ukulele & keyboard. Art is another hobby of mine whether I’m creating a digital painting or just doodling in a sketchbook, I love it! I look forward to meeting you all soon on the Course at Dinosaur Safari.”


Look out for our next “Meet the team” blog for a fun way to get to know our team before you arrive. Enjoy the rest of your Easter Holiday’s everyone & we hope to see you all soon!