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Happy National Girlfriend Day!

9th August 2018

Happy National Girlfriend Day!

Happy National Girlfriend Day to all of you beautiful ladies!

Guys and gals we know you’ve definitely had Valentines days to profess your love to your other half however we cannot deny a day of being smothered in love and gifts so why not embrace NGD?!? Well I definitely have been reminding my boyfriend that this day is coming up since 14th February just in case he wanted to forget (that’ll never happen on my watch) and trust me when I tell you I’m expecting to be wined and dined like the Queen… Just joking! But this NGD I’m sure me and the rest of you ladies in relationships want their partners to go that extra mile to make the day fun and spontaneous. I’m not the type to shrug off a failed date so today I’m writing this blog with the HOPE that my boyfriend sees this before our big day in case he messes up. In this blog I will be discussing why an activity like Altitude Adventure is perfect for couples and exactly how it helps build that bond that we’re all after.

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I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world who feels like this but there’s something undeniably terrifying about being off ground level. The need for stability and support is just so overwhelming, even when you know you’ll be fine. Of course, when venturing the likes of Altitude Adventure, the only places where this can be established is ground level, however the comfort of the Earth beneath your feet isn’t the only way this can be achieved. Grab your partners because you’re both in this together and today they’ll be the stability and support you’re looking for! First thing’s first, it’s a good idea to ensure that your other half has the confidence to encourage you across Altitude Adventure’s elements. Both of you getting stuck on the first platform, with neither of you wanting to make your way across can lead to a very awkward date, so try to gauge this first if you can. For your partner to be the stability and support you require to complete the course, they need to remain calm and collected and offer you physical support as you attempt the elements. This is the perfect opportunity to get romantic with it and hold hands as you skip across the leap pads of love. A date like this great if you’re considering a long term relationship. If your partner hurries off and completes the course without you while you remain a terrified mess, then he’s not the one for you darling and you better get out while you can…

An activity like Altitude Adventure is perfect to build and establish trust much faster than you can in the real world. How often is it that you can trust someone with your life when you’re 32 feet in the air? This is a lot more sentimental if one of you actually has a fear of heights as this gives each of you a chance to be the motivating and inspiring life partner that everyone’s after. The longer you climb the more your confidence in the equipment will grow and who can you really put that down to except the person in front of you lending a help. These may seem like small milestones to be crossing as it’s still early days, but experiences like this don’t come often. Before you know it you know it he’ll be throwing you his credit card for your day and saying “Don’t worry babe, I trust you.”

So to all my divas looking to celebrate National Girlfriend day, head over to Altitude Adventure for the opportunity to take your relationship to a whole new level. Book now by clicking here!