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How to Host the Perfect Party at Jurassic Falls

13th March 2018

How to Host the Perfect Party at Jurassic Falls

If you can think of anything more stressful for a parent than hosting their child’s birthday party, think again. Every year without fail, we come across an abundance of desperate parents trying to make their child’s birthday dreams come true. This can prove harder than expected as dreams are made of money and funnily enough, pockets as parents aren’t. In 2016 it was proven that “parents spend on average £320 on their child’s birthday party” so if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to get the kids of your back for a couple of hours, you’ve stumbled across the right page.

Why Jurassic Falls?

Ensuring you’ve organized a successful party means that it’s fun, flexible and affordable.  All guests need to be catered for from the activities to the food, which all sounds well and good until you total everything and realise you’re way over budget and you haven’t even bought the décor or the prezzies yet! Please take a second, wounded soul – the party package at Jurassic Falls is the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for. From the jump you’re spoiled for choice between the safari themed 18-hole Adventure Golf with animatronic dinosaurs or Altitude Adventure, the 32 feet adrenaline-inducing high ropes course. This is what I’m talking about when it comes to flexibility…

Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf is perfect for chilled young explorers who love a bit of competition and those that want to know everything about dinosaurs. Altitude Adventure is ideal for the thrill seekers, the adrenaline junkies, for those that want to break all realms of extreme and of course for the kids that need to exert all energy before you can get them to sit down. Once you manage to make a decision, everything else is pretty much in the bag.

What do the packages include?

Just because we’re show offs, we’ve crafted the best packages to suit the needs of your little one and their friends. The Adventure Golf package includes one round of golf, dinosaur themed invites and certificates for each guest as well as a themed party box packed with toys and puzzles. If this isn’t already enough, we also throw in free use of their terraced party area for an hour, a place to settle down for food and games. The Altitude Adventure package is pretty much the same as the adventure golf package except you bring along your own party boxes – not much of a sacrifice considering the kids get an hour with the specially trained instructors…

The Perfect Party…

The package offered at Jurassic Falls is the perfect basis for the perfect party. With everything provided (plus a few extras) you have the ability to wow your guests, your child and even yourself with all the savings you can make and I’ll let you know how…

Once your package is booked you can begin gathering your guests. Invites are already provided so you don’t have worry about that part, you also don’t need to worry about Harry that you forgot of the initial guest list, as any additional guests can be paid for on the day – bonus! Now, you’ll want to sort out your decoration. To keep it simple yet sophisticated I’d opt for a few table cloths, some balloons, some banners and confetti (if you want to be fancy). To go the extra mile, shop for tableware that matches all your decorations, just for the added “Ooo” factor, you’ll also want to grab some snacks to nibble on before the main meal. I’d suggest somewhere like Poundland or 99p Store; you’d be surprised at the range of bits you can get together in there! Next, you’ll want to order the birthday cake (even better if you have your own personal baker) nothing too fancy though as you don’t want to divert attention from how nice you look today! And shock, that’s you’re preparations done… all for under £30. Jurassic Falls is the perfect place for a birthday party as the WOW factor of the Jurassic surroundings is sure to more than impress your guests giving you the perfect one up!

You’re probably wondering about food? Don’t worry we’ve been saving the best until last…PIZZA. We have Pizza Hut, Dolmino’s and Papa Johns all within delivery distance. If that isn’t a life saver then I don’t know what is (who doesn’t love pizza?!). You can order on the day of your party for delivery to the doors of Jurassic Falls – you can even ask all your guests their preferences before you order so nobody is left out!

So the big day has arrived and it’s your time to shine… All these days of barely any preparation or stress has amounted to a birthday extravaganza to remember! The Sun is shining and all your guests are rolling in as planned. The party area looks spectacular dressed in all your decorations and most of all your little one has a smile that fails to falter. The kids battle around the course competing eagerly, the dinosaurs the talk of the town and once exhausted, return excitedly for snacks and pizza that arrives in the nick of time. Our friendly staff present medals, certificates and party boxes always going above and beyond to ensure you have a wonderful birthday experience.  Everyone gathers to sing (roar) Happy Birthday before cutting the cake. Parents begin to arrive and the day is nearly over, no one fails to notice the success of the party. You just smile and nod knowingly more than satisfied with the outcome of the day. Thank you, Jurassic Falls.