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Introducing Pterry the Pterodactyl!

29th March 2017

Introducing Pterry the Pterodactyl!

Wow! What a beautiful day it is here at Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf! The sun is beaming down and the waterfall is dazzling in its golden rays. I can see people everywhere. From excited children to happy couples to competitive companions; everyone is having such fun! What is that I see over there? A whizzing golf ball, through the rock gap and in the hole! And there goes the roar of mighty cheers and shining medal to the pro with the hole in one.
Let me introduce myself, I’m Pterry and I am the resident Pterodactyl here at Jurassic Falls (The P is silent).

Most of the other Dinosaurs like to keep their feet on the ground but I like it up in the skies. If you don’t see me flying high you can see me sitting on my perch next to the waterfall. Being up in the sky gives me a unique view of the adventure golf course and I get to see some incredible Adventure Golfers and some not so good on a daily basis.

This weekend coming is the start of the Easter holidays (hurray) and the sun is shining, the course will be busy with a lot of smiling faces and shrieks of laughter – I love my home . Last weekend one family in particular were having tons of fun, two little girls are really focused on trying to beat their Mum and Dad. Dad isn’t giving in that easily and is making every putt count, keep it up girls!

There is nothing better than soaring through the clouds and feeling the breeze across my wings, time to go and say hello to the families on Altitude Adventure, dipping and dodging through the different elements as I navigate my way through the course, I do not know who is having more fun, the children or I? As I perch on top of the Altitude Adventure Sky Trail, I can see so many different faces and expressions and as the sun sets on another fun packed day, I make my way back to my waterfall home.
Next time you come down to Jurassic Falls, look up and try to find me, you never know I might just take you for a ride!