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Jurassic Falls – A girls’ day out…

27th March 2018

Jurassic Falls – A girls’ day out…

Where to go and what to do?

As a young person living in London it can be difficult to find inexpensive activities that we can do on a regular basis which don’t become boring and repetitive. This week it was my turn to plan a girls’ day out and I was desperate for it to be something out of the ordinary… I needed something fun and interactive, the kind of thing that could take everyone’s attention away from the constant ‘texting the boyfriends’ and ‘snapchatting’. At this point we have completely exhausted the whole cinema and Nando’s routine and don’t get me started on bowling… If gutter balls were the aim of the game I would be world champion. No! I needed somewhere with a wow factor which also had a competitive aspect- there’s nothing better than a friendly wager to get the smack talk and the banter rolling. That’s when I thought of Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf! I remember back to a conversation between my neighbour and I a few weeks back and she was talking about this amazing dinosaur themed crazy golf course where she and her husband had taken the kids at the weekend. Turns out they had just as much (if not more) fun than the little ones! So, it was settled… I would surprise the girls with a wacky day out at Jurassic Falls.

How the day panned out:

It was a perfect afternoon for crazy golf, the sun was shining and the weather was mild… RESULT! I decided I would tell everyone to meet me at my house so we could all arrive together. I had seen the pictures online and I wanted to see the reaction on everyone’s face when they saw how cool the course is. Needless to say, their reactions were priceless, beaming smiles and stares of awe at towering dinosaurs which were even more lifelike than I was expecting. You couldn’t get more out of the ordinary than this place.  As we began to make our way to the reception we got distracted by the most captivating aroma- that’s when we saw a food hut selling crepes and waffles! That’s when the diet went out the window for the day, I had to get myself a fluffy fresh waffle topped with masses of whipped cream and strawberries. I just couldn’t help myself! We all sat down at the picnic tables in front of the food hut and refueled for the game of golf ahead.  

Once we had finished we made our way to the reception where we were greeted by a friendly young lady, she was shocked to hear it was our first time playing crazy golf and guaranteed that we wouldn’t be able to get enough of it by the end. I was absolutely chuffed with the price- you won’t find many fun places where you can buy your ticket and get change back from a tenner! She kindly explained the rules and showed us where to choose our golf balls (obviously I had to have pink) we were ready to rumble! I couldn’t get over how incredibly cool this place was, making our way out to the first whole was literally like stepping into a scene from Jurassic Park. We got some amazing pics for our Instagram’s, but except from a few photo ops the phones stayed in the handbags the whole time we were there; we were having way too much fun! I have to say my favourite hole had to be hole 8, it had an amazing waterfall with bright green water gushing out- that’s not something you see every day(made for some really cool pics!) It came the time to total up the score and much to my horror I didn’t win but no worries, we all agreed that we’ll definitely be back next week for a rematch – I don’t take losing lightly! Thanks Jurassic Falls for an amazing day out!