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Jurassic Falls – Life Lessons Learnt through Adventure Golf

9th April 2018

Jurassic Falls – Life Lessons Learnt through Adventure Golf

What life lessons are taught?

There are many things that we as parents worry about when it comes to raising children. We all try our best to raise polite, well-mannered children but the struggle arises when we realise that we as people aren’t perfect. The saying “kids are a reflection of their parents” lingers in the back of our minds day by day and it’s our goal to teach children those life lessons that will ensure they grow up to be the angels we’ve hoped for. The way in which we teach these lessons is the crucial part. Many are taught at home and in school however it’s often overlooked that a lot of these all essential lessons can be taught beyond these realms. A fun and interactive way to teach these lessons is through competitive sport. To be a successful sportsman it is essential to be dedicated, hardworking and most of all, fair. So if you want to take control and ensure your child gets these well needed lessons, head over to Jurassic Falls where most can be taught within one round of adventure golf.


How does Jurassic Falls teach these lessons?

It seems a bit farfetched to think that a simple game of adventure golf can change your child’s life forever, but the further you read the more you’ll understand just how simple it really can be. From the moment you arrive your child is faced with lessons you don’t even realise.

Lesson one: self-control. Imagine what it’s like venturing down a path that leads to a prehistoric land filled with life sized dinosaurs straight off the set of Jurassic Park. The urge to run off and become explorers will probably be at the forefront of their minds however they remain composed and stay by your side knowing they’ll have the opportunity to have up close and personal experiences with the dinosaurs soon. The struggle of wanting to roam the course and ride the dinosaurs is immediately replaced by lesson two – decision making. A range of multi-coloured balls is perfectly placed before your child with all the colours of the rainbow plus many more. The older we get, the more we forget the importance of how “vital” the colour the golf ball is… At the end of the day, this is THEIR ball for the entire round, the ball that compliments either their outfit or their putter perfectly and most of all, the ball that will lead them to success. Making this decision isn’t an easy one and parents, be proud if your child manages to do this in one pick. Indecisiveness takes over when it comes to the decision of the blue ball to match their top or red to match their putter and I really wonder how they manage to settle on a colour.

Now the game’s actually about to begin and we’re already making our way to lesson three. The easiest way to decide who’s going first is by a quick game of Rock, Paper Scissors. This has resulted in your little one going last and despite the look of disappoint on their face; you refuse to swap turns because patience is a virtue. Of course this is lesson three which is one of those lessons that will make many appearances in life and one definitely worth practicing, so no better time than now. You even get the opportunity to show them who is boss at every hole before they’ve even had the chance to putt. This of course starts to get under their skin a bit by time you all reach hole 6 and this is the point where lesson four, five and six make their appearances.

By this point you’ve probably seen your child attempt to block your ball from making it to the hole; start taking their turn before you’ve finished taking yours and even playing the next holes before your team’s ready to move on. Here are lessons four, five and six: cheating is for sore losers; wait your turn and also that practice makes perfect. Without these very key lessons, it’s very easy for your child to fall in the category where they hate competition and see losing as a loss a opposed to an opportunity for growth.

As you venture through the remaining holes being the mini golf champion that you are, your child fully understands by this point that they’re definitely not going to win. There tends to be two responses to this, either your child throws a tantrum and plays the last few holes with zero enthusiasm or they try to play their absolute best to bring their score back. These are where our final two lessons are learned.

You can’t always win. This is a crucial lesson in two ways. You may not always win the competition but you shouldn’t count that as a loss because you’ve managed to gain such important lessons and practice throughout the game. Our final lesson is kindness. No matter how disappointed you may feel with how you played you must always treat other players kindly, this goes a long way and makes you a good, fair sportsman.

We hope you’re all able to gain some valuable lessons from your next visit. It’s not only the kids that need these lessons, dear parent they may benefit you too and help you become that person in life you’ve always wanted to be.