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Out the Box Team Building Activities

7th May 2019

Out the Box Team Building Activities

In the workplace, team cohesion and soft skills are the bedrock of success. No matter the industry, product or service, having good communication between employees is a must. Breeding a positive culture is no mean feat either with companies spending time and money on everything from in-house therapists, to work schemes and social events. Who doesn’t look forward to work when there is an incentive for a Christmas party, free massage or a fun night out with your colleagues. To this end, we’ve brainstormed and come up with some interesting and out of the box team building activities to get your team on the same page.

Adventure Golf

Team Building

Adventure golf is perfect for all ages. Combining the nostalgia of a family day out with the excitement of themed mini-golf courses, Adventure Experience has a host of exciting venues to bring out the kids in your team. Whether you prefer the swashbuckling theme of Pirate Cove in Kent or want to walk with giants at Jurassic Falls, Dinosaur Escape or Dinosaur Safari, Adventure Experience’s courses are some of the most beloved in the country. With challenging 18-hole courses along with restaurants and other activities, a day out with the team at Adventure Experience will be one to remember.

High Ropes

Parties & Groups

If your team are adrenaline junkies then perhaps a high ropes course is more your speed. Altitude Adventure has an incredible Sky Trail rope course featuring an assortment of obstacles and challenges. Rope bridges, floating planks and other heart-racing activities await you and your team. This activity is perfect for team building as it can be used to build problem-solving skills as well as communication. All while enjoying this exhilarating overhead track course.

Escape Rooms

Escape Room

Escape rooms have become hugely popular around the world. With various themes, layouts and challenges, there is an escape room game to suit everyone. This activity is great for team building as success relies on communication and out-the-box thinking. Make it more of a team sport by splitting up teams into various rooms and offering a prize for the quickest team. This fun activity will give everyone space from the office and allow employees to develop their soft skills by finding a cure for a zombie virus or discovering the true identity of a murderer.

Take a Class

Cooking Class

A group class is a great way to get your team to pull together and learn a new skill, whether it’s learning to make pasta, designing your own chocolate or a beginner art class. A new skill evens the playing field as each and every employee gets to discover a new hobby alongside their colleagues. Fun, informative and unique, this idea is sure to show your team that team building is more than just a box to tick.

Spa Trip

Spa Trip

Sometimes the stress from work can be too much and only complete and utter relaxation will do. Organising massages for the team or perhaps a team mani-pedi could be the perfect day out and give your employees a safe space to relax, chat and feel human. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the best.



Volunteering feeds the soul. If your team need a break from the mould why not spend a day walking dogs for the RSPCA or helping out with similar initiatives. Seeing how somebody else lives is great for shifting perspectives and giving your team a space to communicate. Volunteering also serves two purposes as it is great PR for social media. Sharing a few photos of what goes on behind the scenes can show the human side to your brand and win over a few clients.

Donkey Derby

Donkey Derby for Team Building

The Grand National sees companies set up raffles and sweepstakes. These low stakes games are fun, provide your team with something besides work to talk about and has the added rush of chance victories. While the Grand National only happens once a year, you can recreate the magic with a Donkey Derby. Find an old horse race, do up the office like Aintree and have your team dress up. Your team can bet on horses with the winner receiving a reward like an extra long lunch break or an afternoon off.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Team Building

If your crew are particularly active then get out in the open air and do some exercise. Mountain biking is a great team activity and allows for fitter people to race through while the rest can take it easy and drink in the countryside. Fresh air does wonders for morale and your team will love the chance to stretch their legs. If you’ve got a bit of time, make a day of it and have a team picnic to top it all off.

Take in the Sights

Sight Seeing UK

Has anyone in your office been to the latest art exhibit? Has anyone seen that musical that is supposed to be mesmerising? If not, get the team together and take in some culture. Not just entertaining, checking out new art forms can give your employees a space to enjoy, discuss and get inspired.

Hire an Act

Public Speaking

Sometimes you don’t need to leave the office. Bring the fun to you with a zany act that will leave your employees dumbfounded. Get a famous face to talk to your team about working together or push the boat out with a magician or psychic. Whether you go with business or something a little more mystic, your team are sure to appreciate the thought and have something to bond over for years to come.

Whatever you decide your team deserve a little break from the routine. A moment to enjoy themselves and get to know each other is one of the best ways to improve productivity and ensure your business has people working at their very best.