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Pet-Friendly Plans for You and Your Pooch

22nd May 2019

Pet-Friendly Plans for You and Your Pooch

Spending some time with your dog, or dogs, doesn’t always have to be routine. Maybe you’re a little tired of walking the same path. Maybe the weather’s nice and you’d like to catch a tan. Maybe you’ve got relatives down for the weekend. Whatever your reasons, we’ve got some top ideas for doggy dates. What are you waiting for, grab your dog, grab your family and try out these pet-friendly plans.

Adventure Golf

Pet friendly Adventure Experience Adventure golf

Adventure Experience has a host of adventure golf courses that are perfect for the whole family. Our series of Florida-style themed mini golf courses keep you entertained for hours. With a little less focus on exercise and a lot more focus on fun, an outing at adventure golf is great for family groups including your furry friends.

Our courses are adventures in themselves with dinosaur and pirate-themed worlds to explore. Your dog will love being outside, enjoying the sunshine and experiencing all the sights, sounds and smells.

Adventure golf is universal and a great way for couples, friends, parties and work groups to enjoy a little bit of competition. With so much on offer, Adventure Experience is a guaranteed hole-in-one.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Pet friendly restaurant and cafe

Sometimes spending time with your dog doesn’t have to be active. Dogs, like people, are social creatures and enjoy spending time with you. Why not choose a restaurant or pub that allows pets and bring your dog along. The change of scenery will give them a whole new world to explore as well as hundreds of free pats as other patrons just won’t able to resist the adorable puppy eyes.

If you’ve got friends with dogs then invite them too. Make a doggy date of it with friends, food, family and furry pals.

Heritage Sites


Dog friendly national trust sites

Across the country, there are thousands of National Trust sites steeped in stunning views, walks and history. Manor homes, castles, forgotten forts, abbeys, henges, battlefields and a plethora of other sites are all available to explore with your pup in tow.

These historic landmarks are often situated deep in the countryside with miles of paths, cycle tracks, lakes, fields and gardens to explore. Whether you’re interested in kings and queens, Romans and Saxons, or just old and new, the UK’s rich history is waiting for discovery.

Hiking Trails

Dog friendly national trails sites

Hiking trails dot the country, running along coastlines, through green forests and over rolling hills. With 2,500 miles already available and another 2,800 miles due to open on National Trails alone, there’s plenty for you, your family and your dogs to explore and enjoy. 

Hiking trails vary in difficulty with beginners, intermediates and experienced hikers able to find the track for them. This means you’ll find whatever adventure and challenge you’re looking for. A 3-day camping hike along the Welsh coastline, a short jaunt after Sunday lunch, a challenging climb up the hills and dales, a world awaits.

Canine Courses

Canine Course Obedience Training

Time out with your dog can be educational as well as entertaining with canine courses in behaviour and training. Besides giving you greater insight into your dog’s wellbeing, pursuing a canine course can even grow into a future career.

If working off your own steam is more your thing then find a reliable training book and start training your dog. Your dog will love spending time with you and become more well-behaved and obedient.

Dog-Friendly Narrow Boat

Dog-friendly narrow boat excursions

Last, but not least, is the wide range of pet-friendly narrowboats available for holidays. The UK is home to a wide range of waterways waiting to be explored. These unique routes offer some amazing views of the English countryside all taken in at a relaxing amble.  Your pooch will love being aboard a narrowboat as they get to experience the great outdoors while you eat, drink and be merry in the sunshine.

At Adventure Experience, we love hosting families and dogs. Whether it’s to see the sights and sounds of Jurassic Falls or take to the high seas of Pirate Cove we welcome guests of all kinds.