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Where is Pirate Cove Adventure Park?

27th March 2018

Where is Pirate Cove Adventure Park?

Where is Pirate cove and how do I get there? Well, it’s a lot simpler then you would have first thought, like all things worth finding,  Pirate Cove can be found on any good map (paper-based or electronic).

Located in a faraway land where only the brave will venture, also known as Kent, you will find Greenhithe (it’s close to the bridge). Greenhithe is home to Europe’s largest shopping centre of Bluewater, Bluewater itself is a special attraction; hosting over 300 shops and 50 restaurants. This makes it an ideal place for a great day out let alone a great place to take breaks between rounds of Adventure Golf. If you choose to travel by car, lo and behold there are over 13,000 free parking spaces!

How can I get there by car?

Most updated satnavs will take you straight to Bluewater using only our postcode DA9 9SF. You’ll have the option of parking in one of many of Bluewater’s car parks however if you park closest to Marks and Spencer, you’ll have the shortest walk to us. If you are traveling via the M25 follow the signs to the Dartford Crossing, this is signposted along the entire length of the M25 in both directions so you have absolutely no reason to miss us.  We’re just off Junction 2 (A2/M2); all you have to do is follow the signs to Bluewater. The M25 is numbered clockwise from the Dartford Crossing (J1 through to A13 (J30) so if you do happen to miss the exit, you’ve got a lovely road trip around the M25 – it’s only 188km right back to us (just joking).

You can also travel by Train. Ebbsfleet International station is local to us with trains to and from London St Pancras, Stratford, Ashford, many other parts of Kent, Paris and even Brussels. Greenhithe station is only a short walk away for those travelling by South-eastern railway.

Will I be able to sail all the way in my Pirate Ship?

For those of you lucky enough to own your own Pirate Ship, unfortunately, there is no direct waterway to Pirate Cove, but you can always park up in the Thames and taxi here.

But I’ve been coming to Bluewater for years and never knew you were here?…

This is a statement we hear a lot and it’s because we like routine and comfort, so we follow what we are used to.

Once you have arrived at Bluewater in one of its many car parks, don’t get stuck in the habit off Bluewater shopping. This is something that is done regularly by a lot of visitors who park in the same spot, walk the same way around Bluewater, eat in the same restaurant, drink in the same coffee shop  all before returning back out the way they came.

Break your habit and explore Bluewater, you never know what adventure awaits you! Located outside in the winter garden, near Mcdonalds and opposite M&S is Pirate Cove Adventure Park a fun filled adventure for the whole family, 36 holes of Adventure Golf spread across two, 18-hole courses. Enter through Captain Jim’s very own Castle and be greeted by the crew of the cove. Collect your putters and favourite colour golf ball and venture outside in to Captain Jim’s world of Adventure Golf. As you explore your way with your crew around the course, you’ll probably notice the lake, which is ideal for all Pirates young and old who want to captain their very own Ship! Ask nicely and Captain Jim will let you sail the sevens seas of Pirate Cove in his fleet of Pirate Pedalos or Electric Go-Go boats! Watch out For Captain Jim’s friendly pet Octopus.

Now you have found us once, make sure you come back again! Revel in the great outdoors and enjoy two round of golf with the second being half price. You can even take a break in between with Lunch in one of Bluewater’s many restaurants.

We hope to see you soon, from Captain Jim and the Crew here at Pirates Cove Adventure Park in Bluewater…