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Pirate Parties!

14th July 2018

Pirate Parties!

Summer birthdays are approaching fast and Pirate Cove is ready for them! Whether your turning 3 or 103 this year, why not have your own swashbuckling adventure at Pirate Cove Adventure Park? Our birthday parties are made up of 1 hour of pirate golf fun with the chance to meet Captain Jim and 1 hour in our pirate dungeon themed party room. Dance along to pirate music while enjoying your favourite foods with all your friends!

Why chose Pirate Cove for your party? 

Don’t want your child’s birthday to be an extremely stressful event? Then Pirate Cove is perfect for you! Booking via our website will be as easy for you as it is for Captain Jim to get a hole-in-one (which is extremely easy). Plus, our crew will be on board to help in anyway they can whether it be setting up party boxes or helping each pirate find the golf ball they want. Need a helping hand give us a call at: 01322 427270. Every child will have a great time and it’ll be a breeze for the parents running it.

All this and more for just £12.50 per child. You also get a pirate themed party box for every pirate coming aboard! It has everything anyone would need to take the pirate experience away with them! Eyepatches, telescopes and even some secret treasures. Why take our word for it,

when you can hear it straight from our very own Pirate Cove party customers!


“We booked a birthday party here for an 8 year old. The booking process was simple. The service was very pleasant and relaxed. The courses were all suitable for 8 year olds just big enough. Any more and they may have got restless. You are only paying for the party room not food, but two of us headed off before the last hole to the fast food area of Bluewater so it was a pretty simple solution. Well worth booking as many parents use it as an excuse for 2 hours shopping.” – Richiesmithgore (TripAdvisor)

“We went here for our grandson’s 5th birthday party. The course is very well planned for prams and wheelchair access. The children had fun albeit a bit chaotic. After we had a room which was ideal fo r the party food a pirate came in with my grandsons birthday cake – which made his day.” -ALorraine (TripAdvisor)

How the perfect day should go…

Now imagine this: the big day has arrived; it’s the day of the birthday party you’ve arranged for your little boy or girl and their special friends. Everything was booked easily online and now you’re just hours away from the special occasion. You pack up your favourite party foods and an amazing birthday cake and you

’re ready to go! You arrive at Pirate Cove, greeted by our friendly and helpful staff, everything is ready for you! Your party boxes on the table, everything you need for golf waiting in a bag for your guests to arrive. When everyone’s arrived, you head out to the course. Large group? No problem for Pirate Cove we have two 18-hole courses perfect for everyone to get round without getting bored. When everyone’s finished with golf they tuck into your chosen favourite food; golf can be tiring work. Sooner than you realise (with all the fun you’re having) it’s time to hand out party boxes and for guests to head off with their parents or carers, all full of chatter about what great fun they’ve had today!

So, if you’ve got a birthday coming up, why not try Pirate Cove! We can’t wait to see you on your very special day! It’s easy to book online now at: /pirate-cove/parties-groups/