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Have Your Own Royal Day at Pirate Cove!

21st May 2018

Have Your Own Royal Day at Pirate Cove!

Everyone knows that a very special event is happening this weekend. No, I don’t mean the FA cup final. But on 19th May two people will have the best day of their lives! You and your friend can have a magical day spent at Pirate Cove with 19% off! 

Oh, I almost forgot… There’s also a royal wedding. 

Everyone knows us Brits love a good royal wedding! It’s the perfect time for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy the sweet sense of love and romance across our great nation. The royals could be argued to be the centre of British culture, never failing to grace our country with class and style. There is always a great sense of pride and patriotism among us when we celebrate royal occasions, from jubilees to weddings. This time round we see the union of ‘jack the lad’ Prince Harry (who everyone loves) and his stylish Princess Megan. A down to earth guy that everyone can relate to and a beautiful actress! This is a wedding that no one wants to miss. It is predicted to be beautiful weather this weekend as if Mother Nature knew what was necessary for such a grand occasion. So as you enjoy the festivities this weekend with your friends and family, don’t forget to put a royal round of adventure golf on the itinerary!

 Your royal day starts the moment your car pulls up right outside. You will be greeted at the door by our lovely front of house team, who are here to make sure your experience is nothing but the best. Red and blue golf balls are appropriate for a royal occasion such as this!  We’ll swim in the well to find your royal colour if that’s what you desire- after all, today is your special day.

Royal appetite? We have only the finest for you. From ice-cream to Polar Krush, we have it all waiting for you. Our obliging host will choose you the perfectly sized putter at the door out to the greens. Which course would you prefer today sir or madam? Pirates or smugglers? The choice is all yours! There will be a course host present to attend to your royal needs, walking the grounds to help you through your time here at Pirate Cove. Lost golf ball? Hole-in-one that deserves a golden medal? They’re right there to give a helping hand. Now for the best part – crowning the winner! You can truly be the prince or princess for the day. Being adventure golf champion is the highest honour of them all- especially for those highly competitive royalty. 

After your crowning glory it’s time to set sail down the streams of love on our boats. Pedalo too tiring for your royal legs? No problem; that’s what our electric Go-Go boats are for!  You can be flying that Union Jack beside the Jolly Rodger while waving to your adoring fans around the lake (we all know you’ve been practicing). Keep an eye out for those royal swans they’ll be joining you on your journey. 

Be it a three-course feast or afternoon tea, there’s plenty of ways to finish off your royal festivities just inside Bluewater. Whether it be a royal feast fit for a king or drinks all round to toast our royals and congratulate them on their special day, you have many options to choose from. 

So, we hope to see you on this royal day We’ll make sure to bow and curtsy as you leave- its been our absolute  pleasure to have your Royal Highnesses with us today . Oh, and if Megan and Harry feel like dropping by, I’m sure Captain Jim will welcome them aboard and wish them a very happy day