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T-Rex Ralph’s Round Up: Meet the Family

16th March 2017

T-Rex Ralph’s Round Up: Meet the Family

Let me introduce myself! My name is Ralph and I am the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex! Historically, I am known as a fearsome predator due to my huge size and powerful strength, however I can assure you that I am as friendly as could be!

Jurassic Falls is not only home to me but also to many of my friends including Spencer the Spinosaurus and a wonderful family of Triceratops. Sarah is the head triceratops and she can talk for days. Sarah wants to write a blog too but we’ve told her to keep it short, the last time she wrote a blog we all went extinct by the time she had finished.

Now you know the gang let me talk about our days, they mainly consist of us guarding our prehistoric home while we observe the golfers brave enough to take on our crazy course.

Try not to get washed away by our whirling waterfall or frightened by our mighty ROARS! I like seeing all the children trying to take on their parents and I especially like when they feed me cupcakes. I love the cupcakes, so if you are planning on coming down don’t forget to bake me some. All my dinosaur friends like to try and guess who will get the best score, last week it was Patrick, he was amazing, every shot seemed like a hole in one.

The humans like to put their names on the scoreboard to scare off anyone who thinks they can beat them. Next time when you come down, keep an eye out for me and give me a big wave, I only have tiny arms but I’ll give them a shake back.

Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs from me; you never know you might even find me talking about you.