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Team Training Time

29th March 2017

Team Training Time

All the team are up earlier this morning and on site with a special kind of bounce only seen on training days. I know what you are thinking; training days are long and normally boring. Well not for us! Training days are some of the best days at Altitude Adventure as we get to learn from some of the best in the business. Not only to we refresh our knowledge about the correct techniques of harnessing and loading but we also get to perform emergency take downs [ETD].

Emergency take downs are fun for the staff but the skills we use are really important. Though we’ve never had to perform one while we have been open, it is always good to know you are in safe hands. The staff all take it in turns to perform an ETD and take turns being lowered down too, just relax have a snooze and let one of your friendly team lower you down.

Training is fun for all sorts of reasons, another is that we actually get to go on the course and explore it for ourselves, after a while you get to know the course like the back of your hand and we challenge each other to see who is the best and navigating all the elements in the speediest of times. It was Jamila’s turn to be the best at this training session as she whizzed in and out of all the elements with no hands. The award for the most laughs was watching Clifford wobbling on the first element on level one, he had only just stepped on the course and he got a gentle reminder of how challenging the course can be.

We train every 90 days to keep our skills up the highest level and you will never hear a groan from us. We all love what we do and we love seeing all the families that come down and try the course out. Next time you are down come and say hi to the team and then you will be able to put a face to the stories. I think Clifford needs reminding about his wobble – we are only kidding, Clifford has nerves of steel!