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The Art of the Hole in One.

6th February 2017

The Art of the Hole in One.

The hole in one is a mystery that can elude even the best of players, is it luck or is it skill? We think you need to have a little bit of both to really become a hole in one champion. You may go 100 rounds without ever securing a hole in one, getting a two is just not good enough for you. That is why you found yourself here, reading up on the top tips on how to get that illustrious score.

First of all you need to picture yourself making the shot, only when you have supreme confidence in your ability can you make the shot. Become your inner golf pro and visualise the ball as it hits the bottom of the cup. You have to have the self-confidence, this is the time you are going to make it, this is going to be the time you show the rest of your group who is boss.

Secondly, and mostly importantly composure, you need to have the focus of a tiger as you swing the club back, aiming to hit the ball with the perfect mix of power and precision. Do not get distracted, you are here for one thing and one thing only, to get that hole in one. You can have fun later once you have mastered it, but for the time being, shut down the outside world. You have one key focus and we cannot be distracted.

Thirdly, be the ball. Pretend you are the ball as you roll down the green and into the cup. Will the ball on by shouting and making as much noise until you here the ball drop. The whole world slows down and the crowd go silent. Like a pin dropping on a marble floor. You’ve done it. You have mastered the hole in one and you can take the plaudits. Only 17 more holes to go….

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