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The Generation Competition Is On!

16th March 2017

The Generation Competition Is On!

Who knew the older generation could be so competitive?


When their armed with a putter and ball and waiting for you to ask if they want a scorecard and choice of colour ball, the adults are always first to jump in and says yes and my colour is….!


There’s always such excitement as you hand over the scorecard and each family generation has a different facial expression: the child’s face lighting up at the prospect of meeting our friendly resident dinosaurs and the adults smiling because they think their child isn’t going to win (we secretly know that children have every chance of winning and mostly do!) and will give themselves some generous scoring to make sure (the moral of the story is not to let the grown-ups score!).


The whole situation is even funnier when you find out the generous scoring adult is a grandparent, who has planned the whole trip to beat their sons and daughters OR even worse their grandkids.


We must all get more competitive with age and a sociable, fun game of Adventure Golf is no exception!


One thing guaranteed, after a round of Adventure Golf, is that everybody leaves wearing a big smile having had a really fun time together and eagerly planning their return visit to secure victory but importantly spend some quality time together enjoying the outdoors!