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The Top Five Different Adventure Golf Players

6th February 2017

The Top Five Different Adventure Golf Players

1. The Champion

The self-professed king of the adventure golf world! The first person to ask for the scorecard and pencil, the person who will not let anyone off with the slightest missed scoring. They are here to win and they don’t mind who they climb over to achieve it. If they lose they will blame everything, from the putter to choosing the wrong colour ball. Sometimes it is just better to let them win.

2. The Surprise Package

They came for the fun but then realised that they are actually quite good at Adventure Golf, they are the bane of the champion. They make the hole in ones look easy and even their bad shots seem to make it in the hole. They don’t do it for the attention and they are even surprised with themselves at how great they are at the sport.

3. The Unlimited Stroker

They came for the fun as well but they do not quite have the same hidden Talent as the surprise package. These are the players that really do take everything in their stride. You usually see them all over the course as they pick their balls up from the out of bounds section. Their scorecards tend to read 66666666 but they enjoy themselves to the maximum. We’ve seen many unlimited strokers turn into surprise packages after a few rounds!

4. The Trickster

I know what you are thinking, this is the person that does all the trick shots, but this is not the case. The trickster is the person who will try to eek out any advantage for themselves. Whether that is by slightly moving their ball closer or changing the score on the scorecard. Never, I repeat never let this person in charge of the scorecard. These players are usually in the mid-section of ability but often come out on top with their generous scoring for themselves and a few other tricks they have up their sleeves. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for one of these.

5. The Sulker

No matter their age you will always find one of these in your group. These people hate losing the most; some say even more than the champion. It all started off so well as they were making the shots but as soon as times got difficult they start having a strop. They want to re-take shots and they want to always be the first to putt. We have seen sulkers from 3 to 103, this is the category nobody wants to be in, no one will say they fall into this category but we know who you are.

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