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The Three Different Climbers of Altitude Adventure

31st May 2017

The Three Different Climbers of Altitude Adventure

At Altitude Adventure we get a host of different climbers looking for an adrenaline inducing day out, we have people who have climbed before and we get people who have never experienced high ropes before. What we have found over the year that we have been open is that people tend to fall into categories, carry on reading and see if you can find out what category you fall into.

The Parent

Now you don’t actually have to be a parent to fall into the parent category, all you have to do is act like one. Parents are usually climbers who go up on the course to look after their children, when they first go up they are making sure that everyone else is having a good time and that they are enjoying themselves, but before they know it they are bounding a little quicker, climbing a little higher and challenging themselves more and more. They are swinging from our rope ladder and gambolling around like they are kids again. Soon they’ve forgotten that they are up there to look after their children and instead start showing their children how it is done. They love the course so much that they are the ones who are asking to come back.

The Speedster

You can guess the type of person the speedster is through the name, these are the people who live life at 100mph and there is no difference on the course. They come in all shapes and sizes and all different ages, as soon as they step foot on the course they are gone. They have no fear and head straight to the top level, climbing across and zipping about in a flash. They will be the people who show you how it is done, they jump across the lily pads like they are walking on air and are also the first people to take on the most difficult element on our course ‘the Charlie Chaplin’. We commend all your speedsters out there, sometimes they even show up our staff with their braveness, make sure you apply to become an instructor once you turn 18.

The Conqueror
Not everyone who turns up at Altitude Adventure has climbed before, for some it is their first time here for others it could be their first time attempting to climb anything. In some aspects these people are the polar opposites of The Speedster but what they lack in speed they make up for it with courage. The conqueror is the Lion of the group, they climb up those stairs to the first level with little confidence, but as soon as they take their first step onto our rope bridge they have made it. They are no longer fazed by the height, injected with a new level of courage and confidence they didn’t know they had, they skip across the course like they have been doing it all their lives. Our staff are so proud when we see people tackling the course with elite bravery, some of our staff started off as Conquerors and now they speed around the course like professionals. Who knows maybe on their next visit The Conqueror may become The Speedster.

There are so many more categories that people can fall into, we have just named a few that we see often, let us know what category you fall into, maybe we are missing one that you think we could add, as always tweet us at @altitudeadven or message us on facebook.