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Top 3 Adventure Golf Celebrations

31st May 2018

Top 3 Adventure Golf Celebrations

Celebration – a moment in life that we all literally live for. I mean, what’s life without celebration? People would just go about their days mundanely with no lust or energy for life. There’d be no birthdays or Christmas’ or even weekends which to me doesn’t sound like much fun but I guess that’s exactly why places like Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf exist. Everyday without fail we witness some type of celebration, whether it’s a celebration for being the lowest scorer or a celebration for a hole in one, we’ve seen it all. And that’s the beauty of celebrations, especially when it comes to golf – no two celebrations are ever the same. My favourite are the ones for the hole-in-ones. There’s something special about the moment you catch someone in their element. When they forget that anyones watching and for a split second you can glimpse their inner child. It’s hilarious! Keep reading and we’ll educate you on what we consider to be the top 3 celebrations for a hole-in-one. 

The funny thing about holes in ones is that they’re never expected. Lets be realistic here, it’s absolute pot luck if you predict you’ll get a hole in one and actually do, unless you’re Tiger Woods in the making. It’s always these over-confident competitors who try their hardest to downplay their success.You can witness this throughout their play. They hit the ball (cool as a cucumber of course) and as the ball actually rolls close and closer to the hole you’ll notice their eyes bulge further and futher out of their sockets . This is of course the giveaway, they’re probably just as shocked as you are but they’ll refrain from showing it no matter the cost. Surprise can never leave your eyes however.

It can go two ways from the point the ball falls in the hole. Either they turn around, remaining as cool as cucumber, and with a shrug say “I told you so” or they absolutely cannot contain their shock and they’ll start jumping for joy. A few seconds later they’ll regain composure and keeping up the pretence that they knew they’d get a hole in one that whole time…

The next type of celebration we’re graced with is the humble golfer. This is the competitor that has all the tricks up their sleeves but despite this will try to complete all 18 holes unnoticed. Who knows their trick but whatever it is, it apparently works. You never realise how well they’re doing until you have a look at the score cards half way through the round and they have a definite average of 2 shots per hole. Anyway, it’s this competitor that will turn around after getting a hole in one, give you a timid smile and say “I didn’t even know that was going to happen!”. It’s at this point that everyone else in the group start mumbling “Yeah, yeah, sure you didn’t” before reluctantly returning the to the game to take their “lucky” hole-in-three shot. 

My personal favourite, is the type of celebration you just cannot deny. This person doesn’t care who’s about, in fact it’s better if more people are around to witness their victory. The celebration starts from the moment they putt and they notice the ball is travelling with the right trajectory. It’s at this point when you’ll see them leaning with the ball as if their body is directing it towards the hole. It’s common at this point to hear an ape like “Ooo OOO OOOO” as the ball rolls closer to its end point but it’s the moment the ball actually hits the hole that you’ll really get to know. They’ll leap joy screaming “HOLE-IN-ONE” repeatedly because what’s a hole in one unless the whole course knows. They’ll continue bragging throughout the remaining holes comparing all their less so successful shots to their winning shot and their ego will guarantee a hole in one at the following hole. 

What kind of celebration sounds like you? Head down to Jurassic Falls and see your reaction when you get a hole in one. We’ll be watching