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Who Visits Dinosaur Escape?

13th March 2018

Who Visits Dinosaur Escape?

Who/What are we?

Dinosaur Escape transports you back 65 million years to the Jurassic period. Our Jurassic jungle is home to a number of life-sized moving, roaring and breathing dinosaurs. Here at Dinosaur Escape you will come across a number of different dinosaurs from our hatching baby Pterodactyl’s to our terrifying T-rex who live among our tropical trees and gushing waterfall.


But who actually visits Dinosaur Escape?

Dinosaur Escape offers a fun and unique experience that’s great fun for family and friends alike. No matter how old you are or how good you are, Dinosaur Escape Adventure Golf Is suitable for everyone. Whether you are under the age of 3 or over the age of 53 come along and put your skills to the test. The excitement of the game is sure to bring out your competitive side.

Our Mini explorers:

Now for our mini explorers or under 4’s our moving and roaring dinosaurs appear even bigger. While they might be in for more of a scare than some of our ‘bigger kids’ they often have the advantage. It’s the little ones who often get away with sneakily moving the ball closer to the hole or away from the edge of the green. It’s the little one ‘s you have to watch. They’re often better than you think and they have the added advantage of generous scoring from the grown-ups.

Junior explorers:

Our juniors range from the age of 4-11 and tend to be the competitive ones. Whether it’s against friends, siblings, parents or grandparents the competition is on! A common question asked by our juniors is ‘how do I win?’ Well to start with the right sized putter definitely helps. Your putter should rest at your hip so that when you step up to take a swing it’s not too tall or too short. Another tip is to listen out for any rules hints and tips to make sure you get the best out of your game. If you want to know more check out one of our previous blogs ‘8 ways to ace the adventure golf course’.

Finally, our Explorers:

Our ‘big kids’ (12 and over) are the ones who all secretly want to win. Whether they’ve come with the rest of the family, a group of friends or even on a date you’ll be sure to find most of the top five different adventure golf players in this group especially the trickster and the sulker (check out our previous blogs). I’m sure you’ve already noticed adults are some of the sorest losers.


But why should you come down to play?

Well because it’s all about the fun. Whether you’re a novice or expert Dinosaur Escape is a great activity to enjoy with friends, family or your other half. No matter your age it’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy escaping into a prehistoric world. We guarantee you will want to come back for that re-match or to improve your score.

And don’t forget our site is also suitable for our youngest dino fans who aren’t yet old enough to play. Our course is fully pushchair accessible and also suitable to take wheelchairs round.

Don’t forget to check out our ticket hut. We’ve got a fantastic range of dino themed toys from cuddly dino’s and dino puzzles to our dino gliders and hatching eggs. They’d make the perfect souvenir to remember the day by or prize for the lucky winner!