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What to wear for Adventure Golf?

3rd July 2017

What to wear for Adventure Golf?

At Jurassic Falls we see different kinds of outfits walk through our doors each day, from the casual polo shirt and jeans to dinosaur themed fancy dress. As we are open throughout the whole year except for Christmas day (dinosaurs need a break too) we have provided an essential guide of what to wear to Jurassic Falls for your golfing adventure.


You never know what the weather will be like in spring, one minute it is sunny and the next it is raining, the typical British weather. As the weather is temperamental during this season it is best that you bring an umbrella, parka or poncho so that you are prepared for the April showers. Do not worry if you come to us on a sunny day and the weather turns into showers, we sell ponchos in reception for just £1. During this season we advise that you wear clothes that are comfortable, such as a t-shirt, jeans and a jumper so that you are prepared for all elements that spring will bring, come rain or shine!


The temperatures are soaring and that can only mean one thing: summer has arrived! This is the season to dust off the sunglasses and flip flops and play a round of golf. We advise you wear a sunhat whilst on the course and apply sun cream to protect yourself from the UV rays, they are more harmful than our dinosaurs! You can wear anything that keeps you cool such as dresses, shorts or a tank top. There may be the odd chance of a downpour, but don’t worry, we will still have the ponchos handy! After you have played your round of exhilarating Adventure Golf you can cool off with our slushies and ice creams which are available to buy from reception.


This season is where the weather is similar to spring but it is getting much cooler. We advise that you wear warm clothing like a jacket and trousers to keep you warm. If you visit us on Halloween you are more than welcome to come in fancy dress and scare the dinosaurs! Showers are likely during this season so bring out the parkas again so that the weather does not dampen your golf experience. Towards the end of the season you might want to wear gloves and scarves so that you are warm and cosy on the course.


This is the season where there is the chance to play golf in the snow! Not to worry, we are open all weathers. However, we advise that you wear big thick winter coats and boots so that you are warm whilst playing in the cold! You also want to wear gloves and a scarf whilst on the course so that your hands are warm enough to keep on sinking holes in one. During this time shoes with good grip on the sole is recommended as the course may be slippery due to ice.

When it comes to footwear for golf we have seen it all from trainers to high heels. At Jurassic Falls we recommend that you wear comfortable footwear as it takes an hour to complete the course and you will need to be on your feet to make sure you have the perfect swing.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf and look forward to seeing your outfits! As always send us a picture of your best outfits whilst at the course and you might even appear on our website.

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