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What to Wear when Visiting Altitude Adventure…

28th June 2018

What to Wear when Visiting Altitude Adventure…

It’s not unusual to panic in the upcoming days to a challenge. This tends to be the case with activities like marathon runs, skydiving and all sorts of adrenaline inducing adventures but we notice here at Altitude Adventure parents especially tend to panic when they realise they’ll be putting their child’s life on the line – pardon the pun. But it’s funny that in that final call before the day of the activity that one of the most frequently asked questions is a basic as “Are thereany specific outfit requirements?” We’ve heard it all from will we need to bring helmets to would it be best if we wore spiked shoes? But the plan is to put this to an end right here, right now in this blog. Today folks, I’m going to give you a nice little breakdown on what I’d consider the best outfit choices for Altitude Adventure no matter the weather.

What you do and don’t need to bring…

It’s an understandable thought process that if your child is going to be participating in a climbing activity that they’ll need all the necessary climbing gear: from the spiked shoes to the belaying device for slow descents down rock faces… However, (and I know this is going to make you all go owwww in disappointment) all you need to bring with you is your two feet and head up for a challenge. We provide absolutely everything and again for emphasis, we provide absolutely everything. So take a breath of relief, you don’t need to be heading to your nearest Decathlon before your first trip to Altitude Adventure.

What to wear on a sunny day?

We do like to give a bit of advice before visiting us when the Sun has come out to play. As you can imagine, after all your previous endeavours in the heat, that on a sunny day it can get hot on Altitude Adventure, especially as you’ll be venturing 32ft closer to the Sun than you would on any other given day. So for this reason our first piece of advice would be slather on the Factor 50+. The worst part of our job as Instructors is when kids come down after climbing with sun burn just because it can be easy to get complacent. Obviously we are all human and we’re not perfect so we make sure we go that extra mile to take precautions in case you’ve forgotten yours at home.


Our second bit of advice on a hot day is to ensure you come dressed so that air can get to your skin; ditch the woolly hats and the tracksuit bottoms and come in shorts and a tee. We advise to avoid wearing vest/strapless tops as it can get uncomfortable if the harness rubs directly on the skin of your shoulders. Although it’s sunny you need to ditch your sliders at home. We only tolerate closed toe shoes on Altitude Adventure, just in case you hit your feet on any of our elements so wear your plimsolls’ and your trainers to be as safe as can be.

What to wear through the winter?

Altitude Adventure is open throughout the year except for December and January this means that when we’re open in November and February it can be pretty chilly outside. I’m sure you’re familiar with the British climate so you know that when I say pretty chilly that that it probably the biggest understatement of the century… So make sure you wear a hat, a scarf, gloves, thermals and boots if you can. We also advise bringing a nice thick jacket. We may not able to ge it underneath your harness but we’ll definitely allow you to throw it on after so you can stay nice and warm – it’s like you’ll be on an Antarctic adventure.

So hopefully this blog answered all your questions on what would be best outfit choice depending on weather. If you have any more questions check our FAQ page or give us a call on 020 8527 3232 where our friendly team of staff will be happy to help. We hope to see you soon when you decide to take on the challenge of Altitude Adventure!