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What is Adventure Golf?

15th May 2017

What is Adventure Golf?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is ‘What is Adventure Golf?’ The sport of Mini-Golf has been around since the start of the 20th century and originated, exactly where we are, in London. Most people use the term Mini-Golf, Adventure Golf and Crazy golf interchangeable but we like to showcase the difference.

Firstly we must discuss what Miniature Golf is, according to World Mini Golf Sport Federation

‘Minigolf is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities and the aim of the game is to hit a ball from a tee-off point into a hole in as few shots as possible. Minigolf courses include a variety of interesting and tricky obstacles for players to Putt through, over, under and around!’

This truly is the perfect description of Miniature Golf; it can be enjoyed by all ages, from small children to their grandparents. The idea of the sport is to get the ball into each hole in the least amount of shots, 1 being the best and at our course 6 being the worst.

On all of our scorecards we have a par for each hole, Par is the suggested amount of shots you should make your putt in on each hole. For example, if the Par of Hole 7 is 3 then you should realistically be aiming to get the ball in the hole for 3. Miniature Golf is a very easy sport to start playing; you do not need to be an expert to enjoy the fun and it truly is a great activity for all the family.

Mini-Golf vs Adventure Golf

For us, Miniature Golf is the sport and Adventure Golf is the variation that we operate. Mini-Golf, reminds us of windmills and wacky loop the loops, Adventure Golf is slightly different.

Adventure Golf isn’t just about the miniature golf; it is about the whole experience. One of the key differences is the way we layout our holes, we tend to stay away from man-made obstacles placed on the course and instead we use the holes themselves to create dips, dives, whirls and potential pit falls. We also put a lot of care into the rock work and have some amazing detail, from prehistoric fossils carved into the holes to a big Triceratops head.

Not only do we have some of the coolest holes around but we are also surrounded by some of the most realistic Dinosaurs you can ever meet. The Dinosaurs add a real dimension to the game, firstly they are great to look out and examine but also they can be a distraction to any golfer looking to get the course record. We have seen our giant T-rex roaring loudly hundreds of times, putting off even the most skilled golfers.

Pre-Historic Paradise..

Here at Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf we don’t just want you to enjoy the miniature golf but we want you to feel transported, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into a jungle paradise. Navigate your way through our ancient course, through tropical plants and roaring primitive beasts, where every twist and turn offers something different.

The best way to find out what we are about is to come down and play. There are 18 different holes, all offering a different level of challenge, you can hit the ball down our fallen tree trunk on Hole 10 or try and keep the ball on the straight and narrow on Hole 3. We have plenty of offer here at Jurassic Falls and we look forward to welcoming you all soon.