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Who is More Competitive?

17th April 2017

Who is More Competitive?

Not just for children – Adventure Golf is a fun and unique activity that can be enjoyed whatever your age or level of putting skill. At its core Adventure Golf is a light-hearted, sociable activity that can be shared by everyone.

So whether you are age 3 OR 103 come and test your putting skills along with your family (pushchairs, family dog and grandparents to keep everybody in check are all welcome), friends, first date, work pals or even on your own for a sneaky practice (we wont tell anyone..)

We are now taught that participation is enough and winning is not important – perfect for Adventure Golf! A game where fun and laughter is enough – what a load of tosh!

Get competitive – we know you all secretly want to win!

Select your perfect size putter, listening carefully to the advice from our Adventure Golf team, choose your lucky coloured ball and polish it until it glistens, grasp the scorecard and assume the role of scorer to make sure no one is cheating, study the Adventure Golf course rules and carefully brief your fellow competitors – you’re now ready to go to battle!

Put on your most intimidating expression, focus and go straight for the hole-in-one – every hole counts. Think like a winner, play like a winner – losing is not an option.

Ignore the banter, concentrate, maintain focus against the backdrop of distractions – shrieks of joy, screams of laughter, dinosaur roars and gushing water and you will surely end champion and get your name up on the bright lights of the leader board.

In all honesty, whether you come for fun family time together, competitive team bonding, a light hearted first date, sociable afternoon with pals; we can guarantee you will want to come back for more – spread the word!
How good does it feel to WIN though – particularly if dad loses, he will never live it down!

To promote some healthy competition we are offering a 2 for £10 voucher on our Facebook page for the whole of April. Follow the link below and grab it for yourself.