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How to win at Adventure Golf

31st May 2017

How to win at Adventure Golf

One of the main reasons people come down to play adventure golf is the sense of competition, to come out on top against your friends and family. Whilst many will say they are not competitive, there is just something uplifting about coming out on top and walking away the winner. A question we get asked a lot, is do you have any tips on how to win adventure golf? Usually we keep it a big secret, but if you read on you may just gain the edge on your next visit.


Your first choice before you go out to play our exciting Adventure Golf course is what colour ball you are going to use, we have a range of different colours to suit your preference from the core colours Red, Blue and Yellow to the dark shades of Green and Black. However one ball in particular holds the key to winning and that is the lighter shade of pink. The pink ball stands out from the crowd and you can really see it pop out on the lush greens, it turns those tricky two putts into sure fire two putts. The pink ball also resembles a normal golf ball the most, we don’t know whether this helps the golfer vision themselves on the Augusta greens or whether light colour balls stay true, but one thing we do know is that when people choose this colour ball more often than not they come out on top.
Secondly, you get your choice of club, we have all the colours here too, from Purple to Blue, however the difference here is that clubs are based on height and not on your favourite colour. Purple is the smallest, then it goes up through Orange, Red, Yellow and Blue. The ideal club for you is the one that is in-between your hip and your belly button, choose the wrong club and it could mess up your whole game from the start. We’ve seen people going out with clubs too short and too big and we see then struggling from hole one. The top tip here is to listen to the team member who measures you up to ensure you get off the best start possible.

Lastly and ultimately the most important, is belief. Only those who truly believe they are going to win, go on to win. Every putt you take your must will the ball into the hole, every shot you take you must believe that the ball is going to sink into the hole. You can have all the ability in the world but if you do not have the belief you are not going to win. There are 18 holes on our course and you should be aiming to get a score of 17, we know that isn’t possible but if you believe in yourself and your ability anything could happen. Forget what the scorecard says, you are the master of your own fate and you can take on anything.

If you follow these tips then you are on to a winner, but make sure you do not show anyone else this blog or you won’t have your golfing advantage. Adventure Golf really is a science and the smallest advantages can turn into a big advantage when you add them all up. So it is time to put your best golf shoes on, get the sun visor on and pay us a visit, bring your best friend or your worst enemy and once and for all show them who is the greatest.