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Original Hen Party Ideas to Impress Your Guests

1st July 2019

Original Hen Party Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Planning the perfect hen party is no easy task. It’s a delicate balance of knowing who to invite, what dates are free and what surprises to have on the day. As if this weren’t enough, in amongst all this you somehow need to decide on an activity or event that everyone, especially the bride, will enjoy. That’s where we come in. There are so many ways to celebrate the bride’s upcoming nuptials. You can go with one of her hobbies or interests, or try something new that you’ll all enjoy. Whichever way you go, our list of original hen party ideas is sure to provide you with memories, moments and countless photo opportunities.

Learn Something New

Hen party cocktail courses

Learning something new is one of the best ways to bond, have fun and possibly pick up a new party trick. As part of the whole experience, these can be a great way to get everyone on the hen do involved, especially if you’re mixing friends, family and guests of different ages. 

Cocktail courses are hugely popular as they combine a class with a little bit of your favourite tipple. Equally popular are pottery classes, chocolate making, perfume design and art classes. These can even be incorporated into the wedding plans. Why not try some flower arranging and use your arrangements at the wedding?

Perfume Design Classes for Original Hen Parties

This list is just the beginning with countless courses and classes available on the likes of Go Hen, Virgin Experiences and Buy a Gift. Have a look, you’ll be sure to find something that will bring all the guests closer together.

Stay Active

Adventure Golf for Hen Parties and stag dos

Activities and experiences are seeing a boom across the world. More and more people chase that feeling of trying something new, whether it’s booking a flight to Thailand or taking your mates to an exciting adventure golf course. Adventure Golf with Adventure Experience is a real winner. Original and full of fun, they have a host of Florida-style mini golf courses that provide hours of fun and competition. Make a day of it with penalties or forfeits for the worst score. Adventure golf is the perfect beginning to an original hen do and will set you up nicely for the rest of the day.

Bubble Football for original hen do ideas

Fun activities are also the perfect hen party ideas. Bubble football is a ridiculous sport that lets you and your mates play football while bouncing around the field like pinballs. Dance classes are also popular and may give you a few new shapes to take out on the night to the club. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous then try a 4×4 driving course or target range with bows, crossbows and guns. The list goes on with paintball, archery tag, trampolining, axe throwing and many, many more.

For a full day, combine an activity with a meal and possibly a night out on the town to create the ultimate bridal boot camp before your friend says goodbye to the single life.

Food and Drink

Girls Night Out for Hen Party

There may be quite a few things young and old, friends and family may disagree on, but one thing that will always win a vote is food and drink. Whether making, enjoying or both, it is the easiest way to the bride’s heart. 

Travel to the far east with dim sum or sushi, maybe find somewhere that does the bride’s favourite meal or ensure your night is a success with your own flavoured gin or vodka. This can be a sweet way to show the bride you care and give all the hen do guests a memory that will last a lifetime. The UK is home to a cosmopolitan collection of cuisines, nevermind out-there concepts like cat cafes, so push the boat out and find something intriguing.

Hen Fest Ideas for Bachelorette parties

Music to Her Ears

Hen dos and Summer go hand in hand. So why not make your own ‘Hen Fest’ and celebrate the bride to be at one of the UK’s many music festivals. From world-famous festivals like Glastonbury to niche festivals for specific genres, live music will bring any party to life. Alternatively, bring the music to your venue with a lively tribute act or artist. This is a great way to get the band back together and enjoy some nostalgic hits.

Karaoke is another option. Booking a karaoke booth is a great way to have a laugh and relive some of your favourite hits. You also don’t need to be a great singer as karaoke is all about style over substance.

Go Back to Nature

Group Hikes for Hen Parties

Last but not least is enjoying the great outdoors. Go camping for a weekend and reminisce over an open fire and stunning views. Or try a foraging course and learn about what it takes to survive in the wild. Sometimes pushing past your comfort zone is the perfect gift so why not take a leap with bungee jumping, camping, bouldering or any other outdoor adventures.

Whatever you decide your bride is sure to love it. With a little thought, planning and creativity you can plan an event that will live long in the memory and make all the messages, calls and deposits worth it.