Modern practices for safety and security

Since 2010 we have been leading the way for adventure golf in the UK. Our Florida-style sites offer you fun, entertainment, and exercise the whole family can enjoy. Our magical worlds bring dinosaurs, pirates, and dreams to life while offering you a fun and challenging adventure golf experience.

We want to offer the UK people somewhere to escape to. Somewhere to have fun, spend time with loved ones, and maybe even meet a T-rex. To this end, we have created a range of practices and guidelines to protect you and our team while out on the course.

All our guidelines have been created in line with the latest government advice as well as advice from the World Health Organisation. We have also carried out an extensive customer journey study and risk assessment to provide you with the most comprehensive protection available.

Our changes fall broadly into two categories, cleanliness and distancing. While behind the scenes our teams have undergone rigorous training we still need a little help from our guests to ensure everyone can enjoy the course safely. On our website and signs dotted around our courses, you’ll find a handy guide with 10 easy points to follow. These 10 points are designed with your experience and safety in mind and we ask that you follow them and listen to onsite staff to ensure everyone is safe and sound.

Adventure golf is a great way to have fun, get out of the house, and spend some time outside in the sunshine. Book online and get ready for an adventure golf experience to remember.

How we protect you

Our cleaning and distancing practices have been updated to allow you to enjoy your visit without compromising your safety. Here’s how we do it.


Our team have been trained to regularly clean and disinfect the site with particular attention paid to high touch areas such as hole cups, counters, POS machines, clubs, door handles and balls. Our team use disposable gloves and masks and clean surfaces first with warm, soapy water before following up with a suitable disinfectant. Every group will be given a clean set of clubs and balls upon arrival. Once a group has completed their round our team will clean and disinfect the clubs and balls before setting them aside for future rounds. We will also provide cleaning products at reception for any guests who would like to wipe down their equipment personally. Our teams also wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water.


Cleanliness is only one part of our plan. Distancing is also key and we have made some changes to ensure that everyone maintains a safe distance. Tee off times are staggered to give every group ample time to make their way through the course without interacting with other groups. Our staff also use radios to ensure that only one group is in the reception area at a time. Our sites also feature markings to make 2m distancing easy follow. Along with this, we have also brought in a one-way system so please make sure to use the facilities before starting your round. Each group will also be provided with extra balls in case you lose some along the way.

We would also recommend bringing your own pen to score the game or you are welcome to keep the ones that we provide.

We thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you take on our fun and exciting courses.


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